Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dolls for real families

Ok. Remember I teased you about the perfect baby dolls for my little ones? Hello? Anyone remember? JK :)

My Bug LOVES American gi*l dolls. Santa was a smart shopper and scored some cool deals last yr on ebay:) She also has a My Twinn doll. Honestly , My twinn's are neat but they arent good quality, and I am NOT buying another one. Currently ours needs medical attention w/a broken neck. Boo like playing too but I wanted something more babyish. I went to the American Gi*l site ,I saw they have added the Bitty Twinns in CHOICES!!! CHOICES people! I remember you could only buy blonde boy/girl or brown haired white boy/girl. Is this new? You can pick a blonde girl, and a asian little boy. A black boy and a brown haired girl. OR 2 girls. Or 2 boys. Etc!! I chose beautiful chubby toddler girls in Hispanic AND African American (or Ethiopian in our case ;P ) I am THRILLED. At about $45 dollars a piece they arent anymore expensive then the bitty babies (which I dont care for) and they have more longevity I hope. And they represent MY girls :) Priceless.

Click here to peek


Momma said...

I have to say those are pretty cool. We are always looking for both black and white dolls for our house. :)

Renee said...

oh my gosh i want the little boy doll...I dont need twins tho...not like the man would let me buy myself a doll anyway haha enjoy.

Kristi J said...

too girls are so into, did you like the American Girl Itty Bitty baby ones?? I need to go back and read your post girls picked those out in a magazine and said they loved them...we have also done My Twin though and they were happy with them even if they didn't look a thing like them :)

Rhonda said...

Those are really cute, may have to get just ONE more present, hahahaha

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