Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Boo before a tantrum :)

Finally a chance to bundle up!!

That is the word I would use to describe our little burst of cold air. My sister and I went out shopping tonite, and it was COLD. Yes I said it. 46 degrees WITH a wind and cold!! I know you folks up north are ready to choke me ;) but I admit I love the chill in the air! It is so yummy for Christmas. My agency has had really bad weather where they are and I pray everyone stays safe.

I could use a few prayers also. I have an MRI in the morning. Open not closed thank goodness .....but they scare me to death. I have been having alot of pain in my neck and am hoping to avoid a more involved procedure. Prayers I dont have a panic attack would be great ;)


Jana said...

Prayers being sent your way right now!!

Our journey said...

Praying for you too!

Momma said...

love the sisters picture. very sweet! praying for you! I hope it's nothing to serious.

Debbie said...

Good luck with the MRI! Remember to breathe deeply and try to relax.

If you really like to feel a chill in the air, come on up to our house. It's actually warmed up today and we're in the upper 20's. Better than the below 0 and single digit temps we had been experiencing.

Rhonda said...

Oh Maria, I am so sorry to hear about the MRI. Just close your eyes and think of another "happy spot" and don't think of anything until they say you're done! Please let me know how everything went. Glad we're NOT the only ones with the terrible tantrums over here.......

Happy Holidays, love, Rhonda

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