Family 2013

Family 2013
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebrating , Shopping & LISTS!

My chef :)


Warm and yummy



I am over joyed we are on to the next step in our journey! Friday was my birthday. I couldnt imagine a better gift then knowing my baby girl is really ours!! Hiwot Falvo. sounds good :) My kids bought me thoughtful gifts. Bug knew I wanted a pair of Silver hoop earrings,and my son bought me a relaxation music cd and a Barack Obama book for the plane. My husband and boo got me a Starbucks gift card!! Woot Woot !!!

~ April 4th we will be on our way. We will be holding baby girl on the 6th when we get to visit the orphanage before our embassy appt. Wow!

~We are the only family traveling from our agency, which is a bit of a bummer, I hoped to meet some of you guys that I have gotten to know thru our journey. AND I was hoping for a crowd when we went out for the "traditional meal"........I am not confident that I will be able to actually eat too much.I am a very picky eater (my dh says I spend my meal picking off yucky things) and my tummy is even pickier.I wanted to blend a bit LOL........

~We have a long lay-over in Washington so we are going to sneak out and my dear friend Kendra, is going to come and meet us!! Kendra and I went thru the process together with FTC, and became a support system for each other and great friends. After tons of emails , texts and phone calls , This will be the first time we actually meet in person :)

~My son loves to cook. He found 2 recipes on Food Network he wanted to bake to celebrate baby girl coming home. He made triple chocolate cookies, and Whoopee pies. I took him to the store , we bought all the items and he had at it. Didnt want any help and he did a fantastic job!! At 10 yrs old he amazes me in the kitchen sometimes. AND the Whoopee pies were good. Seriously good. ;)

~LISTS. Lots of them. Lists of things to bring..lists of things to buy for kids, things to buy for baby girl, things to buy for us , lists of things to buy to donate, list of things for kids while gone, medicines to buy, food lists while gone, food lists to bring, things to buy/bring for special mothers, etc etc etc etc.... and you know I will forget SOMETHING!!!

~AND I have to get my hair cut and get new contacts. I am wearing my last pair..not a good thing ;)
I won a drawing on Seegals blog too! I am so excited. I will share that next :)
hope your weekend was great!!!!


Richard Maus said...

I am still seriously excited for you, Maria!! I ordered a new fridge (lost the magnet from the seal on this one a few months ago & was waiting for the old tax refund :-) ). It comes in on the 7th. I was just thinking today that is only 2 weeks from tomorrow...not that long....and you will be holding your little princess BEFORE then! Can you believe it??? I am so happy for you :-)


Brian and Autumn said...

Do you have room for donations? A friend of mine is coming by my place tomorrow and bringing donations for HH. If not, I will ask someone else but wanted to check with you since you are next.
PS. You should call Emily. She is 10 minutes away from the Union and LOVES to have Americans to talk to every now and then!

Erin said...

Travel meds--
just make sure you have an antibiotic, like zithromax (have them prescribe it unmixed- you add the water when needed). And if you don't use it, leave it with Almaz. There are lots of ear infections and you can't fly with an untreated ear infection, so convince you DR for a script for that.

Tricia said...

Maria- what fabulous news....I just got back online today and am thrilled to read up here....well, could have passed on the alligator shots.... :) stink' cool!!

Momma said...

those whoopee pies look amazing!!!! yum!

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