Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Looking ahead~

I was lucky enough to score 2 almost brand new baby bouncer seats on craigslist. Our orphanage uses these for the babies everyday and the ones they have are wearing out. They asked if any families traveling could donate a bouncer seat. I couldnt afford to buy them new at $50, so I cruised CL for weeks until I found some in great shape. Boo thinks I bought the pink one for her :) she sits in it after her pjs are on.
My sweet boy finally had his cast removed today!

Boo and Bug are so sweet together. I love to see
they truly love each other :)

silly, messy baby :)

Well I have to say I am feeling much better at the end of this week then I was at the beginning. I am so happy to be moving forward again. Adoption aint for the faint of heart !
~Shout out to Aubrey. She & her hubby passed court and will be traveling very soon!! I am so happy for you :)
~Our agency has a large travel group heading out this weekend to pick up their babies. I am so excited and happy for them!! I wish we were going, but I know our time is coming. Some sweet moms promised to hug Baby Girl for me :)
~We had a busy day today. I went and had my decompression therapy this morning, came home got the kiddos, went to Old Navy an returned a few "belly shirts" (seriously, WHY do all the shirts out there creep up your belly? I have no desire to show my belly anymore & the pants? Come on! can I get a pair of pants that don't give me a lovely "muffin top" ? Where are the clothes for the over 16 crowd ? UGH! Rant over..;) Then on to the pet store. Ran home to put a VERY cranky Boo down for a 20 min nap , grab lunch, then back out to my son's Dr appt to have his cast off. They decided to put him in a split for another 3 weeks..with no sports or heavy lifting. His growth plate still shows a dent. This means they can continue to charge me $28 every week for xrays :)
~I have received some emails in regards to donations for the orphanage. I will post a list soon. I love that you guys care so much :O)
~10 days until our new court date !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Momma said...

I am always so impressed with what you find on craiglist!!! very nice!

Kristi J said...

yes...looks like you had a busy day...Can't wait for that new court date..and I"m so excited for Brock family...they so deserved this :) kj

Paul and DeeDee said...

oh my gosh! I didn't realize that! You have just made my day:) Thanks!

Oh and I am a craigslist junkie time I even bought us a brand new water heater on craigslist for $40!

Rhonda said...

What a great find on CL. I haven't shopped on there before but sounds like they have some great deals. I didn't know that the orphanage asked you to bring things for them. Please make a list as I know we're getting rid of alot of our things as well. We did give quite a bit of baby equipment to a neighbor in need but would love to see what the orphange needs you to bring down.

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