Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few steps closer...

to finding the end of my lists :) Today I complied and ordered the albums for baby girls 4 special mothers, AND the photo book for her birthmom, all that only took just over an 1 1/2 hrs. Then I made my lists of phone numbers of importance for Nana and Pop pa. Oh, I also made the list of email addresses and passwords for my sister so she can keep my peeps in the loop ;) and phone numbers.

Such crystal clear water straight from the

this spring/cave is a popular diving spot.
wouldnt catch me in it ;) ew...

papi kept boo safe so she wouldnt float
too far away (he didnt want to swim in
72 degree water ) me either :)

baby turtle not happy to be caught

he was safely returned to his mama

my angel baby

such a peaceful place

~so I did check off a few things . I bought baby girl formula (how freakin fun was that !!! I have a new baby and need formula!!! AH!) diaper cream,tylenol,binkies she may or may not use, diapers, her sweet embassy dress, AND a pair of sweet cowboy boots maked down to $2.50 ! Seriously for that price I couldnt pass them up. Got my hair cut (hacked. why do hairdressers have to cut a pound of hair off even when you say "just a lil trim please. ;( and I will pick up my new contacts next week. Whew.
~Kids were kinda cranky today...wonder if they are getting nervous or feeling my stress?

~STILL have a list the length of my arm to do , on top of normal mommy duties..when I get stressed I stop and think...I AM GOING TO ETHIOPIA !!!!!
HEEHEE... then I feel better :)
~And we found out the tenant that is late on the rent, the one I always work out late payments with and listen to her sad family problems , and tell her I feel for her and understand things are tough, vacated the house and moved ACROSS THE STREET WITHOUT EVEN A PHONE CALL OR A WORD. Ouch. now I have to deal with an empty house full of c*ap AND get ready to leave my kiddos to get my new baby in 12 days. hey thanks for returning the kindness, mrs. tenant.. karma baby.
focusing on the big picture. God will lead us thru this :)
~enjoy vacation pictures :)


Tricia said...

Ah...buying formula and for baby must be exciting!

Those pictures look so cool and peaceful...

Debbie said...

Someday I'll be buying formula again :-) Diapers? Still buying them, so for not that thought isn't quite a thrilling.

That water looks awesome. Actually just the crystal blue water. The green water, not so much.

Renee said...

Hey Maria,,I made list and actually check one thing off yesterday..I Did baby laundry. I'm sick but I had a smile on my face while doing baby laundry truly a shame that no one was home to capture the moment on film (umm i mean the digital camara) because i'm sure it won't ever happen again. Yes I have been healthy all winter and then a week before court I end up sick ya think court had anything to do with that..seriously just my luck.

Angie said...

How exciting!!! I can't wait to see the pictures of you all together!!!

Love the pictures you posted. That place looks beautiful!!!

be_a_Mary said...

YAY for making lists and checking them twice!! SOOOO excited for you!

gaby said...

WOOHOO! I get ALL the passwords.. gee, I think I already know them.
Seriously, I'm SO excited... you'd better write down everything, because I'll probably forget things! I can't wait to hold and squeeze my new niece!!

Dawn said...

Good luck on your list! Mine is growing by the minute!

Brian and Autumn said...

How exciting!! I loved the time in between court and travel. I kept wanting it to go faster but knew because of the lists that it was better to have a couple weeks :)

Rhonda said...

Oh Maria, I could not be happier for you and if I could possibly jump for joy (after having back surgery), I would!!! But please know you are in our thoughts and hearts. congrats. We can hardly wait to see pictures. What an awesome time girl.
Big hugs, Rhonda

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