Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lil bit of baby update !

Boo picked out a dress for Baby sista :)

Sweet gift baskets from my friend Jess' kids

This is such an exciting time for us. If you havent gotten to this point yet, oh boy...just wait!! IT IS AWESOME !!! sooo much to do, but just knowing we are going to be hugging and kissin on our baby girl in less then 2 amazing!!

I received an update from Christy with some new info on Baby Girl~

height-65 cms (roughly 25 in' I think..)

Weight-15 pds

Wakes at 6:30 am (gasp!)
bedtime at 6:30 pm
6-8 bottles a day

in between babes have meals, naps, 2 baths, massage, and time in the sun :)
these little ones are VERY well cared for and loved.

-How to approach baby based on personality- when you first meet Hiwot you will not have a problem picking her right up and holding her. Hiwot is a sweet spirit, and a very happy baby who loves to smile and laugh ! She will do well in a family who loves her very much.(I am so in love already!!)

~We booked our flights. I have my eye dr appt today, and my haircut appt.
~Kiddos are hanging with Nana and popa for some fun time :) Even my little Boo went! First time she has left mama. I was left eating dust and she zoomed out the door with her bag of goodies and her blankie with a quick "love you mama!" over her shoulder. They grow up SOOOOOO fast :(

Peanut and his friends

Boo lovin her cheeseburger :)

Bug and her band ;)

~Prayers for peace for my friend Kristi..after she lost her referral her heart broke and she is aching to move on with a new sweet baby and be excited again.

~I won a $10 gift card on Seegals blog for Burp itty Burp . I picked a cute taggie blankie for baby girl. It will say Hiwot :) Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

SO excited for you guys- I can't wait until we're there!

Renee said...

Man i can't wait to be where you are..Court date 1 week away so hopefully i'll know that feeling soon. I think i sent you pics of T in Feb. Let me know if I didn't. I would love if you could kiss our little guy and tell him mommy& daddy will hopefully be there very soon. And omg wake up at 6:30...thats gonna be brutal for me..guess i'll be going to bed at 6:30 haha..actually sean gets up early for work so he can handle baby until he leave around 8 ish since he won't see him at night..It's a rare day that he is home before 6:30.

Troy said...

she sounds P E R F E C T!

Kellyann said...

I can't wait to see her in your arms!!!

Aubrey said...

Hey Maria! We just got an update too. Can you believe 2 baths a day? Hopefully we can care for these kiddos as well as the special mothers do! Love the excitement!

Momma said...

what a fun day to shop for your little girl!!!! she sounds like she is wonderful! I am so happy for you! Every time I visit your site I get

gaby said...
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Lisadiana said...

This is just so exciting! I'm so happy for you and look forward to hearing about your adventures when bringing her home!

Rhonda said...

Please make sure to check out my blog as two fellow bloggies are having some really amazing "give a ways"!!!!

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -(Mahatma Gandhi)