Family 2013

Family 2013
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hair, Mamo's and relaxation

We are heading back here this weekend :)
Going to enjoy some more r & r before it gets
too hot.

Kiddos love hanging in the hammock :)

This is Boo. After her bath when we surveyed the damage from her
"do it yourself haircut" :( She kept saying
"mama , I so sorry....I got carried away 2 times.."
honestly it isnt as bad as it could have been. The sides will need to be angled around her face now. Bug did a heck of a number on her hair when she was about 4...cut the front of her hair right to the scalp ! It was just days before we were going to have photos taken for her modeling portfolio.....needless to say we cancelled ;P
~Went wednesday for my first mamogram with my sister.We figured it was time ... My dr called yesterday and there is a spot that they cant see well since the area is dense so to be safe I have to go wednesday for an ultra-sound.
I am sure it will be fine but when you hear "questionable" you kind of freak out a bit inside....I dont really have any reason to worry but...prayers would be awesome !!! :) :)
~My friend Jess kept suggesting I switch baby girl to goats milk...and She finally pushed me to try it. Well she is FINALLY GOING POTTY, WITHOUT SCREAMING !!!!! :) :) Jess was so right, it has made a big difference. It is too early to say for sure but I think her rattling is improving also. FINALLY.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)


The Hill Family said...

oh ria - soooooo glad to hear baby girl t-m is feeling better!!! prayers answered for sure!

jody said...

Hey-you can read about our obnoxious chest issues on our blog and how we finally, after listening to MYSELF and not 20, yes, 20, docs' opinions, switched her to lactose free formula and voila, no more wheezing or rattling. our regular doc said it makes total sense b/c the lactose irritation can cause reflux which will then spill over into the trachea and cause the asthma type stuff. such a simple fix, yet no one else seemed to even think of it after 50 million "specialists". ugh.

Lisadiana said...

I've thought about this also when we bring the boys home. I was thinking about Rice milk. Any opinions?

Rhonda said...

Oh Maria, my heart, thoughts and prayers are with you for the ultrasound. I had that as well a few years ago and had to have a biopsy and it turned out I had "fibrocystic" breasts (I know, TMI) but that's why they biopsied so hang tough girlfriend. It will be fine, I just know. So glad to hear baby girl is beter, ewwww, goat's milk! Glad it works.
BIG HUGS, Rhonda

tracy m. said...

Hi Maria !! Your family is beautiful! I love to catch up on these blogs !

Tracy Morgester (FTC - Jack's MOM)

Momma said...

we will be praying for you! I have heard about that goat's milk thing before! I am glad its working!

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