Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday..not

Sorry about the title. I'm not good at stickin to themes :)
It is only Wednesday and it has been crazy !
The kids built a bird house with Papi this weekend. Bug was thrilled, then dismayed when she learned that the birdhouse could not be put up at "eye level" so she could visit with the baby birds :( she thought they would be her new pets. Poor kid. She cried buckets over it.
The flowers are Peanuts. He is a great chef/baker and a pretty darn good gardener too !

Monday started Vacation Bible school for my older 2. Boo wouldnt have any part of it LOL. After dropping them off at church, my sister called me quite upset. She was having a lot of trouble breathing. So I rushed to her house and took her to the ER. They zoomed her right in and I stayed with her , with the babies until I had to go pickup the kids from VBS. The drs wanted to do a bunch of tests so I came home and put kids down for naps. After many tests they admitted Gaby. They felt she had a blood clot on her lung !! Scary stuff. Well after many breathing treatments and CT scans and nuclear med tests and LOTS of needle pokes in the tummy, she came home last night very exhausted. The drs kind of back tracked a bit and think it may be asthma , even though she never had asthma before...but they did pump her full of blood thinners to dissolve the blood clot they now arent sure she had. OYE. We are just so happy she is home safe and sound.

Baby girl and Aunt meme. It is rare that baby girl will let anyone but me hold her lately. Even Daddy can only get in a few short squeezes before she starts to cry. LOUDLY. Although I love being her "go to girl" it does get draining always having a small bundle of love attached to you. There are times I just HAVE to hand her to someone (using the bathroom in the hospital..) and it breaks my heart when she falls apart and screams like I have deserted her :(
~some folks asked about my baby sling it is from and I love it ! You can check out their clearance section for deals or check ebay if you know your size.
~I bought a swiffer sweep and vac and LOVE LOVE it. I have lots of pet hair with our critters, and I sweep several times a day. This broom is awesome. It vacuums up hair and dirt and the swiffer cloth grabs the dust and things you might miss. Well worth $25
~Boo's new favorite dvd is " Baby Bitchy"
HA! When she asks for it , we almost die...she means "Baby Di Vinci by Baby Einstien LOL!! :)
~Aveeno has a new line of shampoos/conditioners with wheat and oatmeal. I bought the moisture line and it is AWESOME! Baby girls hair gets dry really easily as does mine with the curls, and this is yummy. You can comb right thru your wet hair like butter :)
~Please pray for Trina. Her picture is on my sidebar. She has found out her cancer has spread to her bones now. It is just devastating news. Please add her to your prayers. She needs prayers to stay strong and fight this evil thing.
*Off to pick up the kiddos :) have a wonderful Wednesday !!


The Hill Family said...

wow! so sorry to hear about gaby! please tell her she is in my prayers!! the birdhouse looks awesome - sorry bug's dreams were 'destroyed' :( you know i understand the drama that can so quickly unfold... b was just lying writhing on my bathroom floor for 10 min shortly ago b/c 'no more video today' hang in there girlfriend ;)

Renee said...

I totally don't remember that but I belive you.I have recommended AGCI to soooo many people. No wonder their ethiopia program is expanding haha. When did you sign with agci? Crazy how we talked about them and you brought your little one home first and got to meet my handsome son. I really hope some day we can meet especially since we venture to florida once a year.

Lisadiana said...

You have so much going on right now. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister but so grateful that it's something that can easily be taken care of, if the doctors can figure it out.

Hopefully this is just a quicky faze that baby girl is going through and you'll have a few moments to yourself again.

Mandy said...

Wow - I'm glad your sister is better. And, I sympathize with the "bundle of love" attached to you. I had one of those and it was exhausting and sweet at the same time.
That birdhouse is beautiful!

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