Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something to clap about

Doesn't this smile just melt your heart ?? Yay...mine too.

Baby Girl has learned to clap !! AND she claps alot :)

Gotta have the decorated booty in the south .. (thanks to megan at "burp bitty burp)

My sweetie is teething on the top, and has been chewing and drooling a bunch. I found that a toddler toothbrush does the trick! She loves it & it is easy for her to hold.

Seriously love the bows. Kristi shared with me that a few folks in Ethiopia mentioned to her "A girl in florida puts big bows on her ethiopian little one too!" HA!! Gotta love it. We think alike :)

Eyelashes and bows ;)

Clapping again !!

Ok. This bib crack me up! It is bigger then she is :) I bought it because Boo (for some reason we cant figure out) has called Baby girl "DAISY" since she came home. At first whenever we called her "Tatiana" Or Heweena (her special mothers called her that short for Hiwot) she would very sternly tell us "No her DAISY!"
Cracks us up..and not a clue where she got it from.

Look who has big bouncey curls !! She has the softest little curls on top but the back is shorter and dry, so I am tryin a few things to add moisture. I'll let you know what works out.

Bug loves pushes baby girl around in the doll stroller. Baby sisters make great little baby dolls.

ok~surprise !! Tatiana is standing ALL BY HERSELF ! AHHHH!!

(excuse the drool please :)

Yes, that is a piece of mulch in her mouth, which I removed AFTER I snapped the picture :)

SHE IS QUITE TICKLED EACH TIME SHE STANDS UP :) Boo cheers for her and tells her "good job baby good job!" sooooo sweet.
Have a wonderful friday :) we are off to the dr again, hoping to be referred to a specialist for baby girls rattling . I hoped it was gone , but no such luck. My thoughts are running to GERD or acid reflux now :(


Debbie said...

Great pictures! I can't believe how quickly she's growing and changing.

Mandy said...

Yes! That smile melts my heart - and those eyelashes! She is so very cute. :)
I hope you get some answers soon about the rattling.

The B Family said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing. Hope to meet you and your three beautiful girls (and handsome son) at the picnic in a few weeks. Will y'all be there?

Kerri said...

Love all the cute pics!!! Yay for standing alone!

Lisadiana said...

Love the Bib! and the butt!

jody said...

ours was reflux-and simple things like feeding her tiny amts and keeping her upright for 30ish minutes after feedings has helped a LOT. she still will all the sudden junk up/rattle when we feed her baby food (which we just started)--our doc thinks the lactose was causing irritation which led to reflux which led to the asthma response. hope that is helpful as you figure out what is going on and hopefully can AVOID all the shenanigans we had with a million clueless "specialists"!!

Rhonda said...

Oh my gosh, they just don't get cuter than that!!! LOVE the bows and so jealous, couldn't get either of my girls to keep anything in their hairs until around the age of 2 for either of them! Had the acid reflux with Emily for about 5 months. Not a fun thing and of course we have the pneumonia and asthma with Katie, sigh.............. We know the doctor's office staff all by first names and bring chocolate ofen, hahahaha

JonesEthiopia said...

I have that bib, too! It is huge on baby girl now, but just wait until she's 19 months old... It'll be perfect.

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