Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend fun~

Love my lil babies :)

Prize fishy :) catch and release for us.

Baby girl always finds
something to smile about

LOVE her crab crawl :)
w/tushy in the air

Big sister :) Bug loves to fish
and is quite good at it :)

Mama w/ a napping baby girl. LOVE
my slings :)

A new friend ...he waited for us each day by the dock.

This is boo's new 3 yr old smile :)

Lake Louisa st. park was beautiful!!! 4500 acres of pure
nature and relaxation.
ahhhh....we needed it :)

I forgot baby girls moses basket so when I had to lay her down...out came the laundry basket LOL!!!


Tricia said...

how about a weekend destination besides where alligators reside...ewww I don't miss them.

Love the pictures!

Kristi J said...

What a great weekend...and What sling do you have?? I need to get one still...kj

The Hill Family said...

love all the pics & that you got to get away for the R&R i know you were dying for... LOOOOVE the 'baby in a basket' :)

Rhonda said...

ok, the new friend, alligator, needed to go, eeeeek!!! Love love love the basket picture!!!

Momma said...

how fun!!! Baby girl looks so comfy in that sling! what kind is it? I haven't seen one like it.

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