Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catch up

Our view out the window from our room at the church.
 The church home we were blessed to stay with. They were so kind and just funny and wonderful :)
 This little sweetie stole my heart the last few days. She is in Benji's OLD groupa ;) and I thought she was a boy, due to the clothes and hair until I started playing with her close up on this day and realized she is a GIRL FULL of smiles and joy :) She stole my heart. Not sure if she has CP or what, but she is so sweet and loving. A caregive took her back to the room while we were playing and she began to cry really hard. Broke my heart. So I walked right in, and went up and dried her tears and rubbed her cheek. What a beauty. Then a sweet nurse brought me an apple to give her and she calmed down :) She deserves a family. I wonder if she is adoptable? I will try to find out. so very sweet.
 Tayas old room :( way too many cribs with little orphans in them. How I wish I could make them ALL understand they are valuable and loved and should never ever give up. How can we do that? I had to walk away and not even pick them up....I made no difference in their lives. I couldnt. And it makes me sick.
 Benji and his BFF sharing a last hug. How we loved this little guy.
 My sweet girl when we first arrived back at the church. She was having a major flipping backward meltdown so I plopped her right down on the floor :)
 Benji entering our room at the church :) Home away from home !

 Taya starting to look a bit tired. Although she was thrilled with her ball and monkey :)

This is another one of the little cutie. Look at those eyes! Beautiful child who deserves a family. She is lucky to be in Benjis old groupa , they are kind and take great care of the kids-but what happens when it is time to be transfered? To an institution? How long will she last?

This is us at the sda, Serge took it for us. If I posted it already, sorry. Wanted you to see what it looks like. No biggie at all. Actually the lady we had never even spoke to us or really looked at us.
I am so behind I dont know if I should just keep going in order or for those of you that arent facebook  friends, share the bumps we had? For now I will just go in order , because cute pics make everything better :)

The kids are doing AMAZING. TRULY, I know it may be a honeymoon phase but so far things are just so smooth I am shocked :) heehee. Really I look at my 6 kiddos and just smile :) THIS is what my life is supposed to be. Taking care of my littles :) I love seeing my 3 (hopefully 4) small ones running and playing together . Love making 3 breakfast plates and a few jars of baby food then big kid food . Happy mama :)

Next post- being removed from the airplane (nice) and rushing to a clinic then the hospital for a 3 day stay for my very sick baby :( so very scary.


KSL64 said...

Maria, Thanks for posting in order. I don't do facebook (I know I'd spend waaaay to much time there so I won't even start). Karen

Debbie said...

Love the blog updates. IMO, much better than FB.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I am loving seeing all the pics. I love the fact that you love being a mommy- me too! I love hearing your heart. I wish we didn't have issues with uscis....because my heart is so for going overseas again.....I guess for now I have to be open to all those who need families here.

Love reading more about it though :)

Molly said...

She is so precious! Do we have her listed? email me at nobabynoblog at gmail dot com. I'd love to advocate her.

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