Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Leaving friends behind~ and cuteness

(Notice benji is grabbing his hand and telling him he has to go back to the room :)

This little guy has stolen our hearts. ALL the children here deserve mommys and daddys of their own, but this little guy along with a certain little girl (ahem :) have the biggest hearts and their ache for a family is so hard to bear. This little guy is so sweet and loving, blows kisses , talks up a storm and is our Benji's best friend since they were babys. It breaks my heart to think of the loss he will feel when both his best friends are gone :( you see the little girl we love is Stacey , Jenny's little one. She will be going home very soon too. He will be without his best friends. If we were approved for 3 , I betcha we would be scooping him up. He is a doll. I dont think he has Ds..he is crossed eyed at times and very thin but just beautiful and sweet. Pray for him, please. He is very calm , follows directions and just loves to steal hugs :) Hoping he can find a family thru Reeces Rainbow. I have to email andrea and see if that is possible.
ok-taya and benji cuteness...

 here benji is showing me a "triangle" for the roof of a doghouse in his book ! Smart boy :)
 stealing kisses from my sweet taya baby :)
cheeky girl :) she loves when i kiss in her ears :)



momof3 said...

Oh how sweet they all are! ...and, of course, I could see my girl with her great big smile! I am so glad you are letting us be a part of your journey! Take care...and keep giving hugs and love!

travcat said...

Have you been able to see AnneMarie! We are thinking of her so much!


Lindy said...

Loved the pictures, can't wait to meet them (hopefully soon!). They are SO cute!! :) Hope you get home smoothly and quickly!

Cathy said...

love this little boy one of the first children I ever prayed for, so many that I prayed for after him are home. praise ZGod you are there and he will seen be home with his mummy and daddy and new sib.

Becky said...

Its hard to entertain Alina in the long hot hallway, I can't imagine trying to entertain two!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE seeing all the pics and hearing about your sweeties!!!! Can't wait to hear that you get to come HOME too :)

Gretchen Thibault said...

Can you go to the music room? The music room in Benji's building is right by the director's office so probably not the best, but for Taya it would be great!

"Could we please sit in the music room downstairs?"

"Можем ли мы пожалуйста, сидеть в комнате внизу музыку?"

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