Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taya and her blankie :) Benji in his parka ;)

We gave Taya her blankie today. She kept taking her too cute tongue out and feeling it . So sweet. She has a tongue that would make Gene Simmons envious ;) Then she would stroke the minkie fabric with her little bent fingers :) Oh so sweet. She loves my iphone, she rests herr face on the phone and just listens to the music. She walked to us today again, holding her caregivers hand but she did it :)

Benji ran and greeted us with cheers of "mama , papa!" He was wearing a tshirt, a turtleneck, and a sherpa parka inside :) he was very sweet today, no table tossing :) we played with a sticker book and looked at magazines.

So tired of hanging out in this dingy room, listening to little ones cry :(  These children ALL DESERVE to have mommys coming for them. They need hope and love .



missy said...

just getting caught up on your trip with your PRECIOUS children. your heart must be so torn as you are so happy to love on your dear ones, but so sad for those without families. i appreciate your heart and passion. many blessings to you!

The Mac's House said...

Oh sweetness in those pics!

You made me burst out in laughter when I read the envious comment about the tongue of Gene Simmons. Too funny.

Gretchen said...

Taya and Stas could have a tongue contest!!!

That sound of crying kids can really get to you. Towards the end I just couldn't take it anymore....keep praying and will pray for you both.

Bianca said...

Oh Maria, they are stunningly gorgeous! And that bow on Taya is quite deceiving because it looks alot bigger than it really is. She is so tiny. Bless her little heart.

Eastiopians said...

Thank you for sharing with us and opening our hearts to these amazing kiddos. They definitely deserve good homes!

Mary Ann said...

You can tell they are opening up to you! Some of the pictures they are just beaming!Love it! I know you guys are ready to come home so that all of you can be a family! Praying!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

I wrote you on Facebook September 29th and didn't get a reply. I haven't ever received the t-shirt I won in July. Did you order it?? Thank you, Cheryl

Jodi said...

Love the pics! Keep them coming :) :) :)

Nan and Dan said...

any news on interpol?!?!?!? hugs

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