Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I won!

The worst blogger ever award that is ;) thank you Jodi and Gretchen,you  meanies :)

I know my blogging has well....sucked. I admit it :) but its not as easy as you think to keep up, with sketchy internet moving from trains to apartments then hospitals then planes then home to a flood. Yup that ALL happened , got alot to catch you up on :)

Right now Taya seems to be having an allergic reaction to something so more later, see told ya I am hopping!


Kendra said...

Do you really need to sleep? I mean honestly if you need to give up sleep to catch up on the blog then just do it. ; )
You know that I am just teasing.
I hope that you find out what is causing Taya's allergic reaction. Poor girl. You both need to catch a break soon. Hugs!!

Marianne said...

You're too funny! It was harder blogging in Ukraine than I thought, especially with the sketchy internet connection. I got frustrated at how long it took to upload pictures! Anyway, I hope you are all recovering well and getting lots of rest! I can't wait to meet you and your family some day! ((hugs))

Jodi said...

Yes Maria....
you get the shiny mirror ball trophy for worst blogger!

But if you promise to keep us all updated from now on, I guess you're forgiven :)

Thinking of you all!

KSL64 said...

Well if nothing else - I'm glad to hear you made it back to the states. I'll be waiting for photos and an update. I hope you are able to find out what Taya is reacting too.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hey, we are just praying for you all!!!!!!!

Gretchen Thibault said...

Did I say Jodi and I? Oops, I meant just Jodi was trashing you!! :-) I am certainly so much more patient and understanding. Yup!

Jodi said...

Gretchen is full of it ;)

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