Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still here , and baby its cold outside !

Its a bit nippy outside :)  40 with a wind blowing. Father Andrew worries we are cold and keeps bringing me a coat :) Silly me didnt pack for 40 degree weather! Sarah, remember how HOT we were in Kyiv?

Nice visit with Benji yesterday and today. There is a little boy in his group that he is best friends with since baby's I am told. He is so precious. Not sure he has Ds , the only thing I notice is he has crossed eyes at times. He LOVES MY HUBBY! Runs past me to hug him :) Then he comes back to me ;) He desperately needs a mama and papa of his own. He talks well (not that I can understand him :) and walks and runs. he is tiny and thinner then Benji but just beautiful inside and out :) He isnt on Reeces Rainbow, but I hope he can be. I feel so sad to think of him being left here without his lifelong friend/brother :(
Benji is good for almost the whole visit then he gets a bit stir crazy and tries to living things up :) He jumps on the little end table and tried to pull the mirror off the wall-then laughed like crazy when I snatched him down he grabbed a potted plant off the window ledge (they love potted plants here, its nice) and I grabbed it just in time, but a bunch of dirt fell out! I was trying to scoop it up quick-the only grumpy lady happened to be working today, and I knew she would scold him. We will work on some boundaries once home-he is such a sweet boy, and he listens very well to his caregivers. Just a healthy little boy :)

Taya is doing good. She is learning new things each day-so we know she is capable of growing and blossoming. She has learned to make kissing sounds, turn on her baby einstein music toy, and to bounce her leg to the rhythmn of my iphone. Oh the iphone she LOVES. You have to pry it out of her hand :) she lays her face of the screen and just zones out the the music. She has so much potential and she will be ok :):)
She had a new pj on today, it was size 18-24 and fit her little feet much better.  I was able to feed her again-wow can she put the food away! I really doubt they normally feed her 2 bowls of food plus a bottle of hot tea, or she wouldnt be this small, or maybe its the quality of the food?I dont know, but she ate all I fed her , nice and neatly then a big BURP! It makes us happy to know she is going down for her nap with a full tummy. She is sad when we give her back which is nice and not nice ya know? I just want to take her out, but we have to wait. I shouldnt complain, I have only been away from my kids for 2 weeks. SO MANY families have been stuck away for so much longer.
Interpol may be in monday, which means we may have court monday. Lots of maybes. I will let you know :)

The church is a nice homey place to be. They take very good care of us. Father Andrew took us site seeing yesterday and it was a lot of fun. He made us hike up a steep hill to see out over the river. It was worth it but I did think I was going to roll down it and die ;)  (Gretchen did you hike up there ?)

Still looking for anne-marie or gavin and alexander...havent seen any kids but a few little typical toddlers outside. It is too cold for them to bring most kids out.
Thanks for following our journey, its nice to know we arent alone :)

HUGS!! See that GIANT hill behind Father and Sister?? That is where we hiked. Oye :)


heatherbrown said...

I am get so excited to see each new post! Praying that you can find Anne Marie, my sweet baby girl!

Kelly said...

It has been so great to see pictures of you with your children...they are adorable and you look beautiful!! I have looked forward to checking your blog each day! How wonderful it will be to see some homecoming pictures!!

Mel said...

I'm sorry you didn't get your paperwork today... BUT MAYBE it means we'll get to see you!!!! Oh, I hope so!! I would LOVE to meet Taya and Benji(oh, and Michael too hehe)!!

Gretchen said...

So happy to see Fr. Andrew!!! I like him so much! Yes, we climbed the hill on a beautiful night, in the dark, overlooking the lighted dam. It was beautiful....but dark and we carried Ricky up the hill.

I hope you guys read up on the Zap dam:-)
Glad they are taking good care of you.

gaby said...

I love to read your blog update each day, and see pictures. Can't believe you didn't bring a jacket, silly. We are praying all goes well on Monday (what about Friday??). It is comforting to know you are in such good company and being cared for :) We all miss you but everyone is great. Will be taking kids to the Boyet zoo thing tomorrow. I hope they enjoy it. Love you and miss you!

KSL64 said...

Such a great update. I love all the photos of you and the kiddos. Praying for you daily.


Nan and Dan said...

ha ha ha, I have been there!!!!!
hope you have court soon!!!!

Tara said...

What a story you have, love your sweet babies

Becky said...

Great to see new pictures Maria! the kids are gorgeous! I love that little Benji! And sweet Taya is so tiny! <3

Its cooler here too, haven't been able to visit Alina for the past few days, her groupa had fevers and they told us to not come back until Saturday. :( Its hard to not go see her, I hope they told her we would be back. I did when we left from our last visit.... but thats a long time for a 3yr old.

Take care! We are just waiting for interpol too.... hurry it up government!

Cindi Campbell said...

What a blessing to see these two precious little ones getting a family !

Anonymous said...

So good to know that you guys are doing well and that the kids are bonding with you! I have been wondering about you and Interpol, ours are into the SDA and we will have court on Tuesday. Safe travels with your beutiful babies. Oh about the cloud, its freezing here also I finally broke down and bought a coat!

Tisha said...

I am so thankful that you are able to post while you are there. I have loved following your journey! Love those sweet babies of yours! :)

Eastiopians said...

I love love love to read your blog. So heartwarming! Makes me want another kiddo so badly. Can you come and talk to my husband? *wink*


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