Family 2013

Family 2013
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Baby girl is 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AAHH!! How did so much time pass so quickly? I remember waiting and praying for her to come home. Now she is 2. I thought about Boo's birthmom alot today. I truly wish I could hug her and be sure she was ok. I want her to have peace and know Boo is loved and cherished. I have such respect for her birthmom. She is a hero to me.

Boo. What an amazing child! She claps and says "YAY!!" when you tell her it is her birthday. She REALLY claps when you tell her she will be getting presents to open ;) !!! She is such a little person with so much personality already. She love Diego on Noggin and will take the remote from her Daddy and shake her little finger NO! at him, if she thinks he plans to change it ! I am in awe of her each day. God is GOOD.

HUGE Congrats to my dear amiga Angie. She was so blessed to bring home her second daughter from Guat this past week. Now she has all her kiddos HOME. Love ya :)

I added a photo to the right top of my blog, of an Ethiopian baby. Click on it and watch the 3 video clips. You will not believe what you are seeing. The number of children without ANYONE to care for them in Africa is unbelievable. Did you know 6000 children will be ORPHANED by Aids today.That is 6000 babies and children without parents. HOW can we not be moved by that?? Thanks to for the info. Check out the website for ways to help, or more facts.


Kelly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful birthday girl!!! Yesterday was my husband's birthday too. May 24 is a good day for a birthday. :) I'm off to check out your link about Ethiopia. I just watched the World Vision Experience trailors and I have been crying for an hour. I wish one was coming closer to us.

The Hill Family said...

awwww... thanks for the ink ;)
pilar's awesome - all 4 kids together forever in church this morning... does it get any better!?!?!?

happy bday bella boo!!!
how is it possible you are 2!?!?!

ha... i'm a poet
& i didn't even know it :p

so much love,
"tia" angie :)

Me said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Bella once again. I hope that she had a wonderful day!!


Michelle Riggs said...

Happy Birthday. Your daughter is beautiful.

Thanks for the video links. How is your adoption going?

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