Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Random thoughts..

Boo helping me with dinner~
Well still no HS draft. Urgh. My binder from my agency DID come ! I have started my online adoption prep courses :) Kinda interesting. We didnt have to do this part when we adopted Boo from Guatemala. I will be starting to check off items from my dossier list come Monday :) SOOO excited. I just want this dossier stress behind me, so we can just settle in and wait for our referral. I "think" I will be ok waiting. Right now I feel like I will. But....ask me after a few months ! I was a wreck waiting for Boo's referral and I only had to wait 10 DAYS !! Man talk about a cry baby huh?!?!? Now I am looking at a good 6 months...yikes.

I recorded the Ethiopian documentary " Walk to Beautiful" I am looking forward to watching it and sharing my thoughts. I am a bit nervous...It is on PBS, if you check your local guides.

We had some debate here on gender. My hubby out of nowhere, decided it would be nice to have another boy. Ok....I thought we had decided on a daughter due to several factors that make it feel right for us. If he really wanted a boy, I didnt want to deny him that. We have a wonderful son. 2 wonderful daughters. Any child will be a HUGE blessing to our family. We even talked about a sibling set of one of each (yup we were feeling kinda kooky ;) after MUCH praying, thinking and talking we have decided to stick with our original plan of a daughter under 18 months old. I really feel peace with our decision. I know for us, right now this is good :) Picking gender is a bonus of adoption. It is also a HUGE decision. I think it is a personal one , and no one should feel bad for the choice they make for their families.


gaby said...
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gaby said...

Aww! But it would be so cute to have a baby peanut running around! Just kidding -boy or girl, it doesn't matter - their Aunt Meem is going to love em & spoil em - whether it's a Prince or a Princess!!

Bella boo is too cute!!

Hey, where are you're thoughts from Larry the Cable Guy?? Git er done! Heehee

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