Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

We saw BEARS !!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh !! Just a quick post to share with you the "icing on our cake" today. We saw (close up) 3 bears on the side of the road heading to Gatlinburg !! Spending everyday in the Smokies is pretty awesome on its own, but seeing a real live FREE bear is pretty amazing. Last year we saw 2 Momma bears in a valley with cubs. It was super Cool. I had to zoom way in though since they were far off. Today the bears were just laying on the side of the road close to a drop off. It was so neat to see them. I was a bit , surprised though, and honestly kinda worried about them. Why are they just laying there? A ranger was ahead of us, so I know if there was a problem they would take care of it. The bears were so sweet and soft looking. Thankfully everyone around was smart and respected the bears space. We saw bears !!! heehee.. :)


Michelle Riggs said...

I would have loved to see the bears. I love it when we can get close to God's creation.

Laura said...

How come i never see any bears? Y'all better take me to that same spot next year :)

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