Family 2013

Family 2013
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Rather be in the mountains

GOD's Beauty ~

We are back in Florida :( it is good to be home, but I wish home was in the mountains. We just feel so "right" when we are there. I dont think it is just a vacation high either. We love nature and being outside, so playing in the rivers, hiking, and just staring at the awesome beauty that is everywhere fits us perfectly. We would move in a heart beat-IF Michael didnt need that darn job so much LOL! Seriously I would love to buy some land and build a log cabin and just slow down a bit. We could do without cable (NOT internet heehee!) and many extras to make it work. It is a dream of ours. It is nice to dream :) Anyone been to Townsend/Pigeon Forge area? Love the Smokies :)

The power of the rivers always amazes me ~

Gotta love the Dogwoods all in bloom !!

Bug and Aunt Laura rock hoppin

Our Contracts from our agency came while we were gone. We have our conference call tonite, then we just have to wait for our contract to be mailed in and logged in to receive our dossier packet. I can NOT wait to get my hands on that ! My sw is working on our homestudy too so we should have it soon. Things are moving again :)

More wonderful Tennessee pictures. Man did we have fun !!

We saw a SNOW CAPPED mountain !!

Cades Cove~

My wonderful inlaws with Boo and I.

Daddy and Peanut

My brave boy! Bug is in the background

We stopped in Georgia on the way up and back just for a pit stop. We got TICKS both times ! Yikes ! Who knew ticks were easy to pick up in a KOA campground? Gross.
Our litte tick friend :(

First Bass in Georgia for my hubby.

Peanut got up at 6 am to fish before we were back

on the road to Tennessee.

He CARRIED the bass up from the lake to
show me :)

I have TONS of awesome pictures to share, many pretty ones of Boo too. Check back :)


Kelly said...

We're from this area and I'm really glad you had a good time!!! Beautiful pictures!!! If you ever come back through, give us a shout! :) We just spent Sunday and Monday in Pigeon Forge (at Dollywood).

Maria and Family said...

Kelly I am SOOO jealous ! We would love to live up there :) it is a dream...

Maria and Family said...
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