Family 2013

Family 2013
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

No dr letters......

Well I ran into my first dossier screw up ;) I dropped off my dr letters last friday. I typed them up and stood right there while the office manager copied them onto office letter head. They were great. The dr was going to sign them this past tuesday or wednesday and I could pick them up. Well I went yesterday before lunch to get them. The office manager left for lunch early so the nice girl at the desk called her on her cell to find them. Miss Office Manager has a bit of an attitude ;( I could hear talking loudly on the phone "I dont know where they are right now!" I am at lunch, have her come back!" Mind you her lunch is from 12- 1:30 and this was 11:30. The poor girl on the phone looks very embarrassed, and just rolled her eyes. She explained I drove 25 mins here just for the letters... Well Office Manager lady had no clue where they were. URGH! So the nice girl tried to find them but couldnt. Now I have to go back Monday, as Boo was past naptime and I didnt feel like spending another hour driving around. Miss Office Manager better be in a good mood come Monday :) I will have my dr letters ;)

Always something right? If you are just starting out, make your dr appt first thing! This is one item that takes time. We had our physicals back in March, before we even had our dossier list. I learned from our last adoption, dr appts, tests, and letter signing is a project :) I also ordered our birth certs in March. Good thing too because mine didnt come with the letter needed to authenticate it so I had to call and wait for it. If I was down to the end of my dossier list that would freak me out. We have our passports already but need to get 2 more photos.


Kerri said...

Ugh! That stinks! Hope you get them on Monday.
Kerri and Ruby

Debbie said...

I hope you get the letters on Monday!!! So you can get your dossier done and waiting like us!! We have been waiting for 6 weeks now for a referral with CWA. How long will your wait be?


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