Family 2013

Family 2013
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Friday, August 1, 2008

10 kids 1 tired Mommy

Boo is explaining to Lilly that it is HER cookie.

Seems the doggie understands :)

That describes my day yesterday and today. I have a head cold and I am watching my friends 7 children and my 3. That is 10 children under 9. Seriously ..I never thought I would have that many kids in my care at one time :) I do this quite a bit though, but not when I feel yucky :( They are good kids but 3 diapers to change, 2 bottles to make, and 10 kids to watch and listen to is...well busy :)

Abby is doing better !! Praise GOD. I copied this from her Moms blog " She has ZERO Leukemia cells in her bone marrow now, so the chemo is working properly. Her doctors are very optimistic that she will be in remission in 2 weeks. Her liver problems seem to have corrected as well and what we thought were going to be serious complications, appear to be less serious than they suspected. Her doctors are still waiting for results from one liver test, but we are very encouraged by the results that we already have.
Now the purpose of the chemo is to 1) find any Leukemia that is "hiding" elsewhere in her body, 2) keep the Leukemia from coming back (this will take 6 months), and 3) for 2.5 years of treatment (chemo), keep her "Leukemia-free". After decades of medical history, they know this is the optimal treatment time to achieve the 90% cure rate they now have for her type of Leukemia. "
How awesome is that ? Please continue to keep Abby in your thoughts and prayers. She has so much ahead of her she needs our support.
This is my sweetie Cookie. She has a hurt leg and is on pain meds right now :) How stinkin cute is she ?
Ya gotta wear shades ;P

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Our journey said...

Praying for endurance for you! Wow, you are a good woman taking care of that many children when you are sick.


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