Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Decorating, Remodeling,Catch up

I am so behind. Not just in blogging but in my life. I am overwhelmed lately. We have SO much on our plates for the next few months it is crazy. And honestly the "Florida Recession" has me a bit bummed and tight in the checkbook. I guess Florida is now officially in a recession. Duh. We could have told them that.

Confession. An orphange (in Ethiopia)that I contacted prior to signing with my agency, recently sent out emails that they have an unusual amount of orphan babies vs the normal older toddlers and children. The babies are ready to be matched with families and they could probably work with my agency (who I love). Hmmm. I am on the waitlist with my agency and looking at atleast December before we see our beautiful daughters little face. OR....I could make a few calls and emails and see if it is possible to be matched with a waiting baby from this orphanage. You would think I would jump at it right? Jump for joy that I dont have to wait until the first of NEXT Year to hold my daughter. Maybe I suck, but I didnt. I thought about it and I prayed on it. I think if we were supposed to jump ahead NOW and see our baby, if our baby was in THIS group, GOD would send me the joy and excitement that I should be feeling. Right now? I just feel overwhelmed. I cant imagine planning to go to bring home our baby when the courts open back up. I feel ok with watching GODs plan unfold. This is the right plan for us. I have to believe that.

We (my hubby, my mom, sister and I) are remodeling one of our rental houses for my mom to move into. HUGE job. Then we have to get her house ready to rent. We also are trying to keep up with the repairs here at home. We had a sinkhole last March and are still getting repairs done. AND I am finally re-decorating my Bugs room , complete with painting, new floors and furniture. It will be so pretty and simple. Bug gets overwhelmed with "stuff" so I am hoping this will be a plan for her :) Oh and school starts in September for us and I have to get all my homeschool plans ready and new curriculum ordered and set up.
Did I mention I am a little busy? :) I know anyone with kids is overwhelmed right now :)

I added the clouds instead of a chair rail

Bugs room, Lilac top, lavender btm, white clouds

A slug for Kendra :)

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Kendra said...

I need to go vomit before I can comment nicely...really a slug..was that necessary?

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