Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The big Reveal~

Daddy and I arranged Bugs new bedroom furniture and put up all the sparkly butterflies and dragonflies (she LOVES all bugs) while the kids played outside in the hose...
I think she liked it :)

The butterflies are beautiful! I smile each time
I walk in is so pretty.
Her new bedroom set was supposed to be white with pearl finish. I think it is more an antique white...I was disappointed a bit.
I am going to have my friend make some decorative pillows to match the bedspread to fill it in a bit.
The little lamp was on clearance for $10 I plan to hot glue little pink ladybugs to it.
Boo LOVES all the butterflies, she say "pink" then signs for "more" and says ME! heehee...Mama will be buying more butterflies ya know :)
Just so you don't think I neglect my sweet boy ;) It was raining and I couldn't find him, I looked out the window and the silly boy was hiding under the elephant ear plant ! This kid is a hoot :) Love him..

My goofball handsome boy :)


Eric and Michelle said...

Very Cool Room....still no news from Guatemala. We have until February with our postponement contract. If you would like to seriously find out more about MK just let me know. I could schedule an information call. I am calling it my Mercy money. This is a very good month to join. We are traveling to Fl next week. One last fun time before school start.

Kristi J said...

Love the cool new room!! I just saw you were a little ahead of me on the wait list..It is so much fun finding new people waiting around us!!! We're #28....we were #27, but moved up one for a baby girl after the baby passed....Glad I found your blog..I'll add you so I can keep up with your #'s...We're heading to Florida for vacation in October, kristi

Bella's momma said...

Their faces say it all!!!

Leslie said...

Wow those rooms are wonderful! We still have Abby in her crib with the baby theme..I better get on the ball! LOL

Your children are sooo gorgeous!
I will put you one my blog roll!!!

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