Family 2013

Family 2013
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Friday, May 1, 2009

So much to catch up on ...

the girls love to push babygirl in the doll
stroller :)

Matching highchairs :)

Painting we bought in Ethiopia LOVE it.

Where to start ? Things are going so well with baby girl. Truly.At her drs appt this week she was 16.9 pds and 26 1/2 inches long. My long skinny girl :) She wakes 3 times a night which is ok. I wish she slept thru lol... but she will at some point. Right now I use the time to sneak some kisses in while she sips her bottle :)
Some this and that~
~she has a rattle when she breathes that she has had since dr wanted us to use a neubulizer (sp?) but that was a nightmare.....seriously. Talk about un-doing a few weeks worth of awesome bonding in 10 short minutes !! My friend Jess, came over to help and hold baby girl, but she screamed and cried so hard after about 4 mins I WAS DONE. My mommy instinct shouted this was wrong....... She hiccuped herself to sleep and then woke every hr screaming all thru the night. I filled the rx for liquid albeutrol but that hasnt made a difference either. She feels fine , no fever or running nose just the rattling which is worse at times. I am using a humidifier too. Sooo frustrating.
~baby girl has also had a VERY VERY hard time going poop. It is heartbreaking to watch and I feel so helpless to do anything for her. She screams and sweats and really struggles. I hold her against me, and sometimes have to gently push up her legs to help her. This is NOT normal. After some research, and talking with some moms who have used my agency, and getting some helpful feedback from Almaz in Ethiopia via Christy (love her!) I dont think it is simple constipation like my ped suggested. At Hannahs Hope they give the babes flax seed oil each day and the older babes who eat solids get a few teaspoons of ground flax seed each day. It is full of omega 3 and it also keeps things moving smoothly. I think baby girls body was not used to making ANY solid poops, and the pain it caused her was making her NOT want to go and hold back...which made it worse. THEN.....I started to give her rice cereal so I made it worse :(
THE PLAN now is to clean her out, stop the rice cereal, only fruits and veggies, and add flax oil to her bottles and sprinkle ground flax seed on her food. Hoping that will smooth things out and allow her body to heal and for her to forget the pain.
~Baby girl is bonding SO WELL IT IS SURREAL. Truly. was at times tough when I would put her down. She would scream and get soooo mad! Slowly it has gotten better, and now she will play nicely for a few minutes when I have to put her down ;)
~Going from 3 to 4 kiddos has been a breeze. Honestly. By now I have been -there - done that and I just roll with it :) Parents of more then 2 kids know what I am talking about.
~I have another ETHIOPIA post coming , thanks for all the emails :) We loved our time there and I love sharing.


Kendra said...

Okay, you got me! Did I miss something. Wait is it code for ear tubes, tonsils, and adenoids??

Tara said...

she is the cutest thing ever!!! so glad things are going smoothly

Kristi J said...

I so GET what you're talking about....Going from 3 to 4 was our easiest transition!! I'm so happy for you...My girls just pointed at her pic and asked "who she was?" and I said, "oh, that's LUcy Lane's friend from her orphanage, but she's already home". They thought that was so neat :) Some day we'll have to get them together...Florida isn't that far from here, right??kj

Tricia said...

MAria- Tommy had adaily dose of baby food prunes and later went on to be prune juice (real kind, not gerber) mixed with his baby oatmeal. at one point we had to use Miralax- now all of a sudden he's fine....who knows, BUT having a constipated baby STINKS...I've so been there. I hope the changes in her diet will help her.

I thought my transition from 3 to 4 was easy due to the NICU "training" my baby...I brought home a 7 1/2 week old baby on a strict schedule ;) Number three flipped our world upside down intially :)

Farrah said...

Maria, Also try some Milk of Magnesia, It will work wonders for her to poop! And it's safe not addicting or anything like that....
Watch Banana's with her fruit they cause Constipation too...Good Luck!!

She is as sweet and beautiful as ever.

Rhonda said...

Oh Maria, I am so sorry baby girl has had these issues and I can soooo relate to the rattling in the lungs as we are dealing with pneumonia and nebs as well. It can be really scary for the little ones especially with those loud neb machines. Sending lots of hugs that everything people have suggested work out.
Thinking of you and your beautiful family.

Momma said...

she is so beautiful! and is sounds like you are doing all the research to help her out! prunes always worked for my son. lol. he ate them so much as a baby he still loves them.

do you have a good sling or carrier you could carry her in when she doesn't want down?! those are awesome and so good for bonding.

reaping joy said...

Seriously, she has got to be the most beautiful baby girl! How exciting that she is crawling and, most importantly, that you got to be there for it :-) I know what you mean about the nebulizer...those things are ridiculously loud. I think you were right to trust your mommy instincts on that...unless she's seriously ill, I wouldn't risk the bonding at this point.
(and you're right - anything after 3 kids is cake!)

Hugs to you,

Alleen said...

Gabriella had a rattle in her chest when she came home. Eventually saw a dr. who said it was likely reflux. She took meds for about 6 months and it cleared up on its own. She never had ANY other signs of reflux... Just a thought.

I hope she can get that and the other issue resolved and feel 100%. Sounds like she is doing great other than that!

be_a_Mary said...

I love hearing that the transition from 3 to 4 was a breeze!! You are super mom!! :) She is VERY VERY beautiful!!

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