Family 2013

Family 2013
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Drs. appts, bloodwork, OH MY!

Thank you Aunt Kendra for my rockin dress :)
Its one of mama's favorites.

See her lil boo-boos ?

You would never believe it by looking at this sweet face but...this baby girl was poked 4 times to draw blood while swaddled just an hour ago ..and she didnt like it Bless her heart she was soaked with sweat and crying so hard she was hiccuping. :( I felt soooooooooooo bad for her. Then Bug had to have her sinuses x-rayed and we were out of there in an hour :)

You need bows? We got bows :)

Lovin on baby girl

Big sissy love

Napping in her moses basket

Trying to chew her way out of the drs office.....or find food. We ran out of bottles..
My son had to go back to the ortho dr again. They insisted after months and months he had to go back one more time to be cleared. He hasnt had a cast on for a couple months. So I made the appt. we arrived early. Then we waited. And waited. And waited...oh, and by we I mean me and 4 kiddos. They finally called us into the appt room after 1 hr and 10 mins. THEN we waited for another 1 1/2 hrs in the tiny hot waiting room. The kids were great...even getting tired and hungry. I was getting ticked! Finally Mr. Dr. strolls in , tells us " Peanut has healed wonderfully, and shouldnt have any problems in the future, but if I need to call, feel free" Before I could stop myself I blurted out-
"your kidding me? Thats it ?"
he turns and sees I am NOT kidding... and mumbles "wow you really got your hands full huh?"
prepare yourself for this one.......
mr dr. says- "are you a foster mother?"
"No they are all mine" thru clenched teeth, as I feel my patience slipping away....and I slowly start to walk towards him...
I told him that boo and baby girl were adopted from Guatemala and Ethiopia NOT because I wanted to share with him, but because I am proud of my little girls . I dont think he really got it. He seemed so stunned that Baby girl really came from Ethiopia, a few short weeks ago at that ! and that we (GASP!) actually went there !!!

Boo planning to break free of the drs office after 2 hrs...

Trying to keep Peanut happy amid 3 whining girls and 1 whiny mama :)

Bug just settles in anywhere !! She was fascinated with the bone models. I kept telling her not to touch but after about 1 hr 45 mins...I didnt care anymore.

Peanut not seeing the humor anymore...........

Finally giving in and letting baby girl destroy the contents of my purse, to keep the peace :) we went thru 2 bottles and 1 nap while waiting.. and it resulted in the death of my cellphone. Baby girl sucked on it and it croaked from moisture.

Taking a break out in the car.

Even beautiful all wet :)

FINALLY remembered to make baby girls footprints for the cover of her baby basket !! Look how cute those little feet are !!!
Today was Bugs 8th birthday !!!!! I will do another post with pics tomorrow. I am pooped :) and baby girl will be waking up soon.


MelanyTN said...

Did you bring home the absolute cutest baby girl EVER or what?! And the big bows?? Too much. I just want to squeeze her.

Your dr.s visit sounds like a nightmare. I've so been there - with just two kids! Don't know how you kept your wits! Funny about the cell - I've thrown in the towell like that too and just thought "it's worth it". ;) Have a great weekend!

Lisadiana said...

You handled it so well! I've been known to go out into the hall and ask people if they have forgotten about us!

Your children are incredibly beautiful!

Debbie said...

You are one patient mommy! There is no way I would have waited that long with 1 child, let alone 4. AHHH!!!

Baby girl just gets cuter every day!!!

Rhonda said...

OHMYGOSH, what a nightmare of a doctor visit. I am sitting here totally and utterly STUNNED. How can a doctor or anyone say something so incredible STUPID??? The kiddo's are so cute and soooo patient!!! Loved those little powder feet.
Have a very wonderful Mother's Day.

Alleen said...

They would have had to bill me for the contents of the exam room if I got stuck in there with Gabriella for that long. She would destroy it. Holy cow, I would have lost my mind if they did that to me. And then the dr. just says that and it's done??????

Mandy said...

The doctor sounds like he was being rude, but you were a great example to your kids by handling it so well.
All of your kiddos are adorable! Peanut probably wouldn't appreciate that...tell him he is handsome, not adorable (even though he is :))

The Hill Family said...



the joys of hours in doctors offices with FOUR KIDS..........

NOT! having done that many times, i feel for you friend! and, the "are they ALLLLL yours?!???" comments to boot - what a cherry on top of your sundae experience! :p hey, you gotta laugh or cry sometimes!?! what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger, right? ;) and good for you for speaking up - it's so important for our kids to know we will advocate for them & to thus teach them to advocate for each other & themselves! again, happy mom's day dear friend :)

reaping joy said...

Uggh...sounds like an awful dr. visit...I got the foster thing, too, but only when S was with us, never when it is just me & Elyssa. And whether you are fostering or the kids are yours, it does not excuse the lack of consideration for them to keep you waiting that long with all those kiddos for nothing! Have they not heard of a phone??

Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day!! :-)

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