Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Test results and surprises

Look at this sweet teeny face. This is the face of a baby who is TB free ! AND doesnt need to have any vaccines redone :) I have to tell you, everywhere we go people comment on how close baby girl and I seem. Friends from church last night commented over and over "that sure is your baby!" "you both look so in love " and more lovely comments which are all true. I felt a spark the first few minutes baby girl was in my arms. When she leaned her little forehead on mine and stayed that way for what seemed like forever...I knew this was GOD at work. His plan was for baby girl to be our daughter and for us to be her parents. I was meant to be her Mommy. She knew this the minute we met. We are in love. I feel such joy and overwhelming love for this beautiful 4th child of mine. Pure happiness. I love being a Mommy. And I love that my husband is willing to work so hard , so that I can be home with our lil angel babies :)
Life is good :)

My beautiful princesa :) :)

yes, this baby is this happy ALL the time :) :)
(welllll.....when she isnt shrieking lol)

Boo called me in her room, she had gotten all dressed up and when I walked in she said to me "mama, am I beautiful like a princess?" oh are :)

ok this next picture needs some explaining. I walked into my kitchen the other morning, to find these clam like things on my kitchen cabinets. gasp! Bug found them in the back of my linen closet. They were from a halloween costume. (Or a brief lapse in judgement which became crystal clear so to the back of the closet they went ..LOL) Who knew little chicken cutlet enhancers would be fun for all ages ???


Mandy said...

Congratulations on good test results! yea!
And, very funny on the cabinet decorations! :)

The Hill Family said...

yay again on good test results & good vaccine titers! ummmmm... time to clean out the linen closet??? bah ha ha ha :p

Tara said...

beautiful children, so happy no TB, we are still waiting!!!

Rhonda said...

So happy she doesn't have to have any immunizations repeated and no TB, yea... LOVE the pictures and ahhhh, what a beautiful princess! She's growing up soooo fast! Have a great weekend.

Debbie said...

No shots needed? That's awesome news!!!

The girls are beautiful and I love the new decor :-)


Oh she is so very, very sweet! I am so thankful for a neg. test results and no need for anymore shots! I loved reading your blog and catching up. It has been really a long time since I have caught on my blog friends! Looks like life has been very good for you all!
jen in mi

TNKerry said...

I have been off the blogs for a while and just had to comment on how absolutely beautiful Baby Girl is. What a doll!!! I am so glad you are so attached to one another.

JonesEthiopia said...

What you described about you and your sweet baby... That's exactly how I felt (and still feel, of course) about R the second I held her. And she for me! We are definitely meant to be mommy and baby. I'm so glad for you that it is the same for you.

Jana said...

Chicken cutlets? Too fun! And your kids are adorable! Yay for no TB!

Charles said...
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Momma said...

yeah for the test results! praise the Lord!!!

Lisadiana said...

So glad! both on the TB and the vaccinations!

The I wouldn't change anything in that kitchen!

Amber said...

Awesome no TB. We have to wait for our girls results to come in this week and then we travel June 14th.


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