Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


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This is a painting I LOVED at the Italian Restaurant our agency takes us to for lunch after our shopping trip. The picture was very expensive and I couldnt see spending that kind of money on a painting....when we were surrounded by so much poverty. It didnt feel right-so I took a picture of it heehee..
I enjoyed the little tomato, and crusty bread appetizer but my pizza was icky. I heard so many families rave about it, but mine was fishy tasting. Yuck. My hubby thinks it may be a different kind of cheese. Whatever, I didnt care for it, so heads up :)

View from our table at the restaurant

Gentleman walking past the restaurant

We got a kick out of this traffic police station....if you have been to Ethiopia and seen how they drive, this is kind of a mute point ;p

Road stands in the city selling produce

Busy road

Mountains in the distance were so cool

Donkeys hanging on the side of the road

Produce stand next to an underpass of the highway.

Tuesday we went back to Hannahs Hope to drop baby girl off with her special mothers while we shopped and went to lunch. You also order your coffee to be picked up while you are at lunch. The coffee is amazing and very affordable. The bags are 2 1/2 #s and $5 or $6 a piece!! We bought a ton :) After shopping we went to the Italian restaurant, which was nice. We saw many tourists there. They have lots of beautiful paintings on the walls for sale but the prices are higher..average was about $250 and up. Tiny paintings were about $80 I love art and wanted to buy one but I thought of all we could do with that money,,,and it didnt feel right to spend it on a picture. Just my feelings. We bought a beautiful picture while shopping of a mama and babe for only $15 :) much better ! up. No time to spell check sorry...

edited to add ~ lol i came back and spell checked :) MAN I SUCK SPELLING WHEN IM RUSHING ;0)


Lisadiana said...

So amazing! I can't wait to take this trip to pick up our boys. I've dreamed of moving there!

Rachel said...

I love to see these pictures around town! It's been so hard to picture what it is really like there, but this has helped! :)

Renee said...

I was reading your blog today with Noah Tamirat on my lap and he got a huge smile and started clapping when he saw your girl..I'm wondering if he remembers her from Hannah's Hope..I think he likes her hehe

Jana said...

Yup. The pizza was no bueno:). But to be honest I wasn't looking for some crazy good pizza in Ethiopia! We actually did purchase some art at that restaurant and I FINALLY got it to the artsy place to frame it. I will post a picture when I get and yeah, hard to spend the money. But man, wanted so bad to bring a part of nice art from his homeland. I get the chills every time I see it.

Renee said...

The older boys that came home in our travel group were Daniel and Naetnal...Daniel was especially fond of Tamirat. also 14 month old Tariku was in our group..the rest were all younger then Noah Tamirat. Can't wait to see the picture you said you have for me. Where are you in Florida maybe we can meet up when i'm down there for christmas or something..I think my boy likes your girl..

reaping joy said...

So good to see some more pics of your trip. I know it was a life-changing experience for you! It would be hard for me to eat in another country, too...I am sooo picky!! Just hearing from Richard about the kids in Peru sucking on the chicken feet after eating their soup made my stomach turn, let alone if I actually witnessed it...

As a sidenote - you need to update your sidebar :-)


Brian and Autumn said...

that certain "s" you mentioned read the blog i wrote about emily and called a certain "d" to tell him to let emily know that she is forbidden to rent a car and forbidden to drive anywhere. absolutely laughable right? who do these people think they are? so...emily rented a car for 20 days which is the remainder of the time she will be in ethiopia (she is coming home for a couple months then going back). right now she is driving the head nanny and her uncle 204 miles away to visit this nanny's elderly mother. she is doing that for 10 days and then she is DONE with them. when she goes back she will be working at other orphanages unrelated to "s" (whew)! so glad to hear you guys are doing well!

Rhonda said...

I so enjoyed seeing the pictures and that art is gorgeous but I'm with ya on the $$ part.

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