Family 2013

Family 2013
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday catch up

Well today I took baby girl for her TB test. Yikes. Prayers are welcomed that it turns out to be negative....many people in Ethiopia have been exposed to someone with tb at some point so there is a chance baby girl could show a positive test result. That wouldnt mean she HAD TB. We would have to do further testing. She was a trooper thru the shot, I was so proud. I had her in her baby sling all snuggled,and her dr just quietly gave the shot. It was over before she could react :) then she took a nap :) She is 17 .3 pds now :)

Our cousin Diane with our babies :)
I couldnt find the girls, so I poked my head in the rose petal cottage and there they were playing babies !!! too funny.

I passed by our pond in the front yard today....and to my shock,
there were barbies skinny dipping !! I think the UPS guy had a shock !

oh no. Baby girl is pulling up on everthing already!! I want my baby girl to slow down a bit and be a baby just a bit longer :)

~Oh and did I mention the screaming ? yikes. When baby girl has decided she is done, wants something, or wants another bite of food, she lets out a scream that could shatter glass ! I can not believe this noise comes out of such a sweet tiny baby!!! Seriously LOUD.
~A fellow guatemama and friend Jennifer, has recently found out her beautiful son V, who is 6 has cancer. He has tumors in several locations and is facing a long battle of chemo. Please pray for this sweet family and this strong little boy to have relief from pain and to GOD to heal is little body.
~I added another button on my side bar for Trina. This is a mom who battled cancer 16 yrs ago only to find out it is back just when she found out she was pregnant with her much wanted second child. She is now dealing with the loss of her baby, cancer and a long road of treatments. She has a young son and a husband who is working 2 jobs to hold it together. Please add her to your prayers. If you click on her picture you will see her story and have a chance to enter a really cool raffle to help her family. cancer is just evil.
Hug your babies.


Mandy said...

Maria - I just wanted to let you know I am praying for all of these requests. Your kids are precious. The barbies in the pond made me laugh!

Debbie said...

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your friends and the cancer. Cancer has hit our family twice in the last 1 1/2 years (my sister and my mom).

Your kids are so cute. And it looks like Little Ms. T is trying to catch up to her big sibs.

The Hill Family said...

praying right along w/ you for Trina & V - thanks for passing along, i know jennifer will appreciate - sorry to hear about the SCREAMER! i hear ya... must be a 4th thang ;)

Kristi J said...

praying for this sweet mom and little awful!! Baby girl is getting so old is she now?? pulling up already?? wow...time is flying by :) I'll be there soon...hopefully :) kj

Rhonda said...

We too are sending them many prayers. Your kiddo's are soooooo adorable. I love the baby girl pulling up on everything!! We went through the positive TB thing with our older daughter. Hoping you find a neg. result.

Lisadiana said...

Cancer is evil. My father is battling it. Lovin the barbies!

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