Family 2013

Family 2013
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Change Ahead

Boo kept asking for "Mokey" the other night. I finally carried him in to her crib. (Can you believe she is 2 1/2 and has NEVER tried to climb out of her crib? )Anyway this cat weighs more then her...and loved to cuddle with the kids :) How cute are they?

How cool was the Inauguration? I LOVED it. My neighbor works for the Military, so he flew out to watch it in person. He said the air was filled with excitement ! And 10 degree winds :)

We walked into the Health dept to make an appt for our vaccinations to travel to Ethiopia, and Obama was just starting to be sworn in! It was so cool. Seemed very appropriate to me. We are planning to bring home our beautiful black baby girl, while the first bi-racial President is taking office! I loved how happy the whole Obama family looked, and how sweet they were dancing. History in the making...and we watched it :)

~My mom had her procedure, and thankfully didnt need the angioplasty. Her chest pains are due to other factors so she is now on a strict diet and healthy eating plan.

~I think my dh and I are only going to get the Hep A & B shots. I dont think the rest are necessary...any advice? I don't want to put a bunch of stuff in my body that we don't need....what to do??

~It was 35 degrees the other night when I ran to the store at 6pm~~~ CRAZY! The kids were so excited to see all the frost on the grass in the morning.

OH~ I started selling Avon to raise some funds for our trip to Ethiopia. If you are interested , I have a website (free shipping on orders over $30) or I can mail you a book. Lots of great stuff. I love their mineral foundation. Half the price I pd for Bare Escentuals (which I loved!) and works great. Leave a comment and I will send you the link :) Help a girl out :)


mberenis said...

Obama & The US Government has new grants for everyone. When was the last time you looked at government grants? There is more money than ever. Don't miss out.

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Housing, Student, and More!

Momma said...

Boo looks so sweet with that kitty!!

My opinion of vaccinations is the less the better. Of course traveling to a foreign country could present some problems. What other vaccs to they recommend?

Kendra said...

Cute pics of Boo sleeping in the crib with kitty.
I plan to keep B in his crib as long as he is not climbing out and is still sleeping comfortably.
I am always looking at new "big boy" furniture for his room, but always talk myself out of it.

Alleen said...

Love the pics of the kitty and the little sweetie!

I would go with what the CDC recommends for vaccinations. I don't like to put extra stuff in me either, but man... scary stuff out there.

I got HepA/B and Typhoid for my upcoming mission trip to Guate... I didn't get any when we went for the adoption, but since we will be in more remote areas and around lots of children, I got what the website recommended. Still pondering the tetanus since it's been 10 years for me. I will decide when I go back next month for my 2nd Hep.

Rhonda said...

Hey Maria, send me the avon link. I love the cat picture in the crib. Emily too hasn't tried to crawl out of hers either! AND Katie never tried either. We'll probably convert it to a toddler bed just prior to me having surgry 3/3.

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