Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok. I tried to be brave. Seriously. But...

DANG IT! That hurt!!

The Hep A shot that is. My sweet hubby opted out after he saw the the large needle the nurse inserted into my small arm :)

I decided to only get the Hep A vaccine. We are not traveling out of the city, and plan to be smart with our food/water choices so hoping for the best :)


Renee said...

Ok i feel that i have to share this with you. We opted to get the hep A&B combo shots..there was something about hep c being a slight risk but ya wouldnt have to worry if ya had the combo shot or something i have no idea but instead of getting them seperatly we did combo to get less shots..i'm a HUGE HUGE CHICKEN. So i go thinkin ok this is gonna hurt. I get the shot and yea it hurt but nowhere near what i was expecting. So we go a month later for shot #2 i'm all tough now thinking ok i can handle this no hurt so bad i wanted to rip the arm off the chair and whack the dr over the head with it. My dear sweet husband says "really I didnt feel a thing" to which my reply was "shut up before i kick you". We are due for the 3rd and last in the series in may unless we travel before then at which time we have to call and see if we can get it early...i'm gearing myself up for the hurt so maybe it wont haha.

Sig said...

Yuck, but it means you are leaving soon... ;)

Alleen said...

I got mine last week(HepA/B combo) and Typhoid. The Typhoid one kicked my butt for the rest of the day. It didn't really hurt so much going in, but man, a couple hrs later I couldn't lift my arm.

Kristi J said...

oh yuck...don't look forward to that!! kristi
ps...great story on the mess at your house, kj

Momma said...

I would have been with your hubby! lol.

Dominique said...

Okay I am with Renee, my first combo shot was mediocre then with my second one I wanted to very kindly punch the lady!!.....But of course I am sure this isn't the case with everyone! I am so excited for you. It won't be long now.

Rhonda said...

OIOUIOU OUCH that definitely does NOT look like a fun time!

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