Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prayers & broken bones

Poor baby wore out from pain

PLEASE PRAY FOR SWEET ABBY !! She starts the hardest MOST life threatening part of her treatment tomorrow. She will be going thru some extremely hard days. For 6 weeks. There is a real chance her parents could lose her.....I am tearing up just typing this. I cant bear to think of this sweet child losing her life to this awful disease. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. If would rather send positive thoughts, those are just as welcomed. Pop over to her families blog by clicking her picture on the sidebar. Let them know you have Abby in your prayers. God please protect this baby girl.

Busy busy these days. Makes missing baby girl easier. Or harder? I feel awful for all the wonderful parents I have met that are waiting on their first child. I know they ache..and each wait is so hard for them. I pray they find some comfort while waiting for their little ones. Then I feel bad when I realized I haven't thought of her all morning long. With 3 kiddos home, homeschooling, my physical therapy, and a life it has been nutty :) I do miss seeing baby girl grow , and the cuddles I know I am missing make me sad. I have to trust that she is very well loved and cared for, and will be in my arms in God's perfect timing. Crying ain't gonna help. I do understand the desire though ;)

The girls walking in the woods

Sunday we spent the day in the ER. My sweet boy broke his arm :( FIRST broken bone in 10 yrs. I was proud of his record :) He fell off a ladder picking fruit when the branch the ladder was leaning on broke. He was very brave thru his tears, even though it "hurts like hell" (heehee...I was so scared I didn't scold him) We go tomorrow for his hard cast. 6-8 weeks of fun ahead :)

Unusually flower Bug found in the woods

Amy is picking up her little bundle of joy right now in Ethiopia!!! SO happy for you :) they were in the group that passed court the first time. Very cool!!

Any lurkers out there that want to say hi? Guess yesterday was de-lurking day. Man I am guilty of lurking. I try to comment but sometimes....I am guilty.


gaby said...

Okay, I'm a "lurker" so I will stop and say hi! Sometimes it's easier to just look :) How's my lil peanut?? You didn't tell me about the hedouble hockey sticks comment -too funny. Ok, so I'm saying hi -BUT you are on the phone now, so I've got to go.. Hey I have an Avon order.


Kristi J said...

Such cute clothes you have below and praying for Abby..that story breaks my heart...Hoping any day now will be MY excited for Amy...Your court date is coming up soon...kj

Amber said...

I'd like to say "hi". we are adopting through AGCI and i found your blog by googling that. glad i did. of course our prayers are with abby.

Debbie said...

So sorry to hear about the broken arm. All 3 of my boys have broken bones at least twice. It's not a fun things for mom, dad, or child.

Rhonda said...

Oh soooo sorry about the fracture. I know your court date is coming up soon (feb.) and know we are thinking and sending many prayers that it goes well.

MelanyTN said...

Hey! So sorry about your little guy's arm! I hope he heals quickly!

Momma said...

those flowers are awesome!!! did you figure out what they are?

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