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Family 2013
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Doctor Visit

He picked a bright orange cast

I took my son to the Ortho dr on Wednesday for his hard cast. What should have been simple turned into a strange experience. First after waiting with 3 kiddos (one very nervous) in the waiting room for 30 mins they call me to the window and with a straight face the young, naive girl says to me

~"Your bill for today is $3000 and w/insurance your 20% is $600. I can accept no less than $500 today, will that be cash or check?"

~"Uh?" "You want $500 right now?"


~ "You ran it thru my insurance?"




~"I will be right back.."

I went and called my insurance company, and confirmed this dr was in the network. And yes this is my portion to pay TODAY as this dr does not take credit cards or payment of ANY sort. I admit this was new and very uncomfortable for me...I thought we had good insurance but each yr we pay more and more out of pocket. And no...I didnt have $500 cash on me :)

So after going round and round with the young girl at the window, I finally filled out the Care Credit form. Thankfully that was there because they wouldnt treat my son ! I was very close to freakin out but didnt want Peanut to be anymore nervous as the time ticked by...

After 1 hr and 20 mins in the waiting room, we are called back. They decided the bones are NOT aligned and may need to be manipulated. AND the xray shows damage to the growth plate which the Dr says "may or may not mean his arm will stop growing." GULP. Seriously? So they put his arm in a cast and we have to go back Monday to talk to the head Dr. All this took about 1/2 an hr and cost $3000. Seriously.


The Boyce Family said...

Ouch! (for both your Peanut and your pocketbook) Will pray for a good report on Monday and 100% healing of that arm.

Debbie said...

Wow! That certainly was not a very encouraging doctor's visit for anyone. I hope the arm heals without any problems.

Mandy said...

Thanks for your kind words on my post! It sounds like you are going through quite a bit right now. I hope the doctor visit turns out well this week. When my daughter broke her arm there was lots of talk of possibly needing surgery and it was quite stressful. I'm so thankful we can turn to God for our strength! :)

Kristi J said... certainly don't want to do that anytime soon...that and adoption this year could kill us :) ha.
Deep breaths are needed for excited to be at the top, kristi

Kerri said...

Yuck!! Many good wishes coming your way!

Dawn said...

Hope his arm heals up!! Who carries $500 cash around with them?! Sheesh!

Momma said...

wow. I feel your pain. my hubby broke his hand months ago and we are still getting bills. insurance is frustrating. each time we get a bill i think what in the world?!?!?! but then on the other hand i look at the number they are paying and think i am glad we have the insurance because we would never be able to afford the real cost. lol. insurance can be such a bittersweet thing.

I hope Peanut is going to be ok!!! that orange cast is totally awesome! :) tell him we are all praying for him!

Momma said...

and its a little weird they don't accept credit cards. we would never be able to pay the medical bills without them!! lol.

Debbie said...

Oh wow I will be praying for your son!!!


Rhonda said...

WOW, that is pretty incredible and I think personally quite rude on the doctor's office staff. As a previous clinic manager, they should have told you up front when making the appt. an approx cost and that they don't accept CC (which is pretty strange these days). I am sorry and can imagine how uncomfortable it was when you were already dealing with your son's diagnosis and pain. Keeping you all in our prayers. blessings, Rhonda

"Indescribable" said...

I agree with the boyce fam. Ouch for your peanut and Ouch for your pocketbook!

praying for relief - for both!

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