Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Retail therapy & more

Matching outfits for Boo and baby girl
How cute?!!?

Paid $3 for the striped outfit and $2.12
for the polka dot outfit!
Plus Carters warm sleepers -$2!

LOVE babes in skirts

~30 pieces of baby clothes. Name brands too! Onesies, outfits, sleepers, skirts, leggings w/skirt overlay, jeans,tops, ohmy! Super clearance sale at JCpenney. Run dont walk! I didnt spend more then $3 on anything and most were $1-2.00 ! My kind of therapy! I even bought jeans and 3 shirts for Boo with Tinkerbell & Dora on them :) Baby girl is set for the warm months thru the fall. Boo came home in December so I have plenty of clothes for winter. It was so fun shopping :)

~I also started Decompression therapy yesterday. My MRI showed a surprise trouble spot(s) that are not good, so I am now in therapy 3 x's a week. I HATE that I have to do this but the thought of a ruptured disc is VERY frightening soooo I'll be doing it. I have to get this done and get better so I can carry baby girl in her sling all day :) Right now the aching and headache are making me a bit grumpy...
~My mom is going to have her 2nd angioplast on 1/16 ( prayers would be great)
~AND bunny is biting. HARD. Fun stuff.


Dawn said...

I can't wait to start shopping!!! Good deals!
I'll keep your mom in my prayers.

Debbie said...

I keep putting Lili's outgrown clothers into plastic bins just waiting to see if our Ethiopian princess will be able to wear any of them. I wish we were further along in our process so I could begin shopping.

Sorry to hear about the "trouble" spots. I hope therapy helps.

Also sorry to hear about "biting bunny." Hopefully you'll get that one figured out too.

Your mom will be in my thoughts as she goes through another procedure. Hopefully everything will be fine.

Momma said...

what great deals! how fun it must be to shop for ALL your girls!!!

and we will be praying that you get better!

Jana said...

Wow!!! Good shopping skills! I hope you feel better soon and the therapy works. What a drag, I'm sorry.

Rhonda said...

Wowser Maria, you got alot going on girl besides a biting bunny? OUCH! What a great sale and a good time to shop for sure. I was sorry to hear about your back. I just had an updated MRI wed. since I put off the back surgery but neurosurgeon (2nd opinion) confirmed that I need a spinal fusion. Ugh......Waited until youngest daughter was older but I can soooo relate to the pain girlfriend............. Ughhhhhhhhhh
Hope you are feeling better soon. So excited for you :) Have a great weekend.

Richard Maus said...

Well, I am really jealous about your shopping experience!! There is nothing like the high of scoring a great deal! I would so love to go out shopping, but alas, we are having a major snowstorm here & then record-breaking cold temps all next week...should be fun :-( I just hope there are some good deals left when I can get out there to get 'em.

Sorry to hear about your back, your Mom, and the bunny! I'll be praying for you :-)

Debbie said...

Hope your sons arm is doing ok!!! Love the pics, and I am praying for Abby too!!!


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