Family 2013

Family 2013
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Support Adoption

Prettty cool ? Are u adopting? Have you? Know someone who is? You HAVE to have them!
My sweet friend Kendra has offered to fundraise for us by selling her "Support Adoption" magnets !!! We plan to buy lots of diapers/wipes/formula to bring with us for the orphanage & help with some of our travel costs. These are a must have :) She started selling them when she and I were adopting from Guatemala in 2006.(some countries may now be an option, while others have closed...)
We have the magnets on file cabinets, our cars, our families cars, our front door, neighbors cars, mailbox, you get the idea! They are wonderful conversation starters and great excuses to pull out our beautiful baby referral pictures!! They are well made and last. They are ONLY $5 including shipping!! Thank you Kendra!!! You are a dear friend.
Email her at~kjhoopin @ yahoo dot com (remove spaces) to pay w/a check or if you want ~
2 pay w/ PAYPAL~ her addy is ~kjhilty42 @verizon dot net
(remove spaces)
Thank you guys in advance :) :) :)


"Indescribable" said...

Hey there! I just read your comment about the fund raiser and was heading over to your blog when you were leaving a comment on mine! So cool!

Have you figured out that there is a Stacey/Maria Guat. pair and a Stacey/Maria Ethiopia pair? You and Stacey have the same court date, and Stacey and I had the same court date - way cool!

"Indescribable" said...

ok - so I'm a dope. I thought Guat was closed and you were adopting from Guatemala. (and I knew that didn't make sense). I re-read your blog and realize that your little one is a Guat-tot! Sorry for the spacy-ness - I'm paper pregnant!

gaby said...

Hey, Terri's friend from church wants a bunch of the magnets. She saw Terri's and was touched that your friend is doing it as a fundraiser for you to bring supplies to the orphanage. Can you order from Kendra for her please? I need a few more too, a couple patient's have adopted grandchildren, from Guat and would like some for themselves and their children's vehicles.

Ok thanks!

Rhonda said...

I LOVE those magnets. We have them on both our vehicles and at hubby's work as well as our fridge and I've sent them to friends!! They are awesome. Kendra did such a great job.

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