Family 2013

Family 2013
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Due to a safety recall ..

EDITED~I am removing these pictures of my lil' beauty :)
I was reminded some people out there may view my sweet girl, in a not wholesome way :(

Boo LOVES Tinkerbell. She fell in love w/ these panties at Target but, the smallest sz was 4T...after much fussin' my sister bought them for her. I thought they would be a bit big but on my teeny tushy girl they are HUGE! She will only wear them backwards so she can she Tink :) Notice the big baggy front LOL!

I asked her to pose with ice cream cup in hand....big mistake.

She didnt want to waste a drop! Yuck!

Bug reading to Boo.

~We went to Peanuts appt today. All is well (praise God!) They figure the bones will correct themselves and the chance that one bone will stop growing is very slim! Yay!!! Only cost me $27 for another xray :)
~My moms procedure is re-scheduled for this Thursday.
~ Many babies being referred!!! I love the excitement of families falling in love with their new babies or child :)
~My friend Autumn (mom to baby boy with the LOOOONG eyelashes) is going to look for baby girl for me when she goes on her pickup trip. I am hoping she can hug and squeeze her for me :) Thanks Autumn!!
~My neighbor went to see Barack Obama be sworn in tomorrow!! I am SO jealous!!


Charles said...

what cutie pies you have! and Bug reading to Boo makes my heart melt.

Your neighbor actually went to D.C.?!?!?! I will admit that even I would have loved to do that. Maybe in the future!

Momma said...

ok so that comment by charles was actually! I didn't realize he was the one signed it. :)

Debbie said...

My little guat tot has the same "no tushy" problem. Even witha diaper on, she has trouble keeping her pants up at times. LOL

I'm so glad to hear there are no growth plate problems. YEAH!!! Also happy to hear that you weren't tagged with a huge bill.

I really wanted to be in D.C. today. What a life experience that would have been. Instead I was glued to my t.v. all day with my box of Kleenex. The enormity of it all really hit me hard today.

Rhonda said...

Awesome news all the way around girlie! YEA!!!

too funny with the "tiny" tush. We unfortunately don't seem to have that problem in this household, hahahaha

Renee said...

Hey just a quick question..were you told what day your paperwork was submitted in ethiopia? I'm trying to figure out when we might find out our court date and when our date might be..Our paperwork was submitted tuesday and i think christy said 2-4 weeks we would know the date..i'm hoping we know sooner

Kristi J said...

Hey, tell her to look for a baby that reads 'Johnson baby' and tell me what she looks like :) ha
cute pics....your kids are adorable...kristi

Brian and Autumn said...

Can't wait to report back!

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