Family 2013

Family 2013
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Criminal mischief, and a laugh

I have 2 words for you. NAUGHTY BABY. Yup. I said it. My sweet Boo is on the road to trouble. What is a Mommy to do? Lock her up? Ground her? Take away her Noggin ? Start drinking early in the day? (I kid..or do I?) In the last few days my little girl (all 20#s of her) has gotten into my purse and eaten 2 packs of gum, destroyed my lipstick, and lost my keys. Then she went into my bathroom and climbed up on my bathroom counter and decided to brush her own teeth, and smeared toothpaste all over her face and the floor. Her next trick was to climb up the bar stool, onto the breakfast counter, over to the kitchen counter and grab a cup out of the top cabinet because and I quote .."BABY WANT TEA !" No, Baby want a time out! Man what a day. But the worst was yet to come. Saturday night while sitting outside, somehow Boo shoved little sticks into my moms car locks. Both sides. Keys will not go in. (It was a fun story to share with the locksmith.) Finally her last crime of the weekend was to throw away the charger for my camera battery. Notice no new pictures :) If you are wondering who is watching the little bugger it is ME! 2 yr olds are sneaky little creatures :) and very determined.
But on a good note, the potty training is going amazing!!!! She has been waking up dry and going in the potty first thing. I was shocked when she went to the potty 2 times today all by herself ! Only one accident, and she was crushed over it . She kept saying "oooohhhhhh, what baby do?" It was so stinkin cute . She even called me back to her crib tonite to take her to the potty!! Sorta makes up for her crime spree~~ ;P

If you dont watch Saturday Night live you HAVE TO CLICK HERE !! For all my political friends it is a fun distraction. Seriously, I cracked up. Palin and Clinton spoof. I just watched it again and it is hysterical. . Tell me what you think :)


Anonymous said...

Just love that Baby....soooo cute!

gaby said...

Auntie Mem says - Boo is too darn cute to be guilty of the vicious stories you tell!!! If there is any truth to it, I'm sure it was all part of a learning experience and not the "crime spree" as you refer to it! Hee hee - would love to have seen the toothpaste! And, thankfully, grandma was in charge of watching her during the stick incident! :) Mem says No time outs!!

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