Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Out & About

This trip to St. Augustine we took a train tour of the city. I highly recommend doing it. We saw and learned so many amazing things, that we never would have other wise. It was really fun. The city has a long , amazing history.

Flaglers Memorial Presbyterian Church Dome. (I think it was all copper)

Fountain in St Jorge st. which is a really cool shopping area that was actually the old town in St Augustine. The spanish and the english lived here at different times. It reminds me a bit of Antigua in Guatemala with the spanish influence and the doors that hide little court yards and gardens behind them.

Last building made with Coquina Stone , which is tiny bits of shells pressed together to make a strong building material.

St. Jorge st. again, oldest wooden school house.
I LOVE old buildings and history, so these buildings were neat.
Mr. Flagler, who the county is named after, founded alot of the city when the Americans came. He poured tons of money into very fancy and elegant building all over town. The Baptist church (yellow one) he built it for $10,000 because he wanted the land their old church was on to build a church to dedicate to his daughter who died giving birth in 1889. It is down the street from this one and is HUGE and AMAZING.

The next pic is the entrance to Mr. Flaglers Memorial Presbyterian church. Look at all the hand carvings. It was built in 364 days in 1890. The dome of the church rises 100 feet over your head. It is amazing to think they did all this in 1890! Mr. Flagler was a partner (along with J.d. Rockefeller) of the Standard Oil Trust, because of this he was insanely wealthy.

Stain glass took 12 years to complete and it is thru the whole church.

The side entrance to Mr. Flaglers church. It is huge.

The interior. It had so many different areas, used for certain things. Each was very elegant.

Look at the hand carving on the door. This was a heavy solid wood door.

More beach pictures are coming :)
BTW~ my hubby turned off my DVR so none of my shows, including the debate recorded. Yup, he was punished ;)

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Alex said...

it looks like yall had so much fun! I love the pic of you with your kids by the fountain.

and that sucks about your dvr...a least you can watch the VP debate on Thursday...I bet it's a little more interesting

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