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Family 2013
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not feeling it

My sweet boy & my pup I do feel :)

I listened to Sarah Palin after the fact on msn. I admit I have NOT watched the entire Republican convention. But I do have a few feelings, right now, late at night I am going to post :) Being moved to tears IS NOT one of them.

1- Where are the Americans of Color? Be them Hispanic, black or Asian? I saw 2 black people, plus the "cowboy" singer (cant remember his name) That makes 3 black people. There are more black people on my street! I did see one man maybe from India? Seriously!??! HOW can the Republicans represent the American people when the American people were not there ? My America has all kinds of people, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc, rich and poor and in the middle.

2-Sarah Palins soon to be son in law was chewing gum. Tacky.

3- LOTS of "Good ole' boy" feelings and outlooks.(We'll getcha!) :)

4-LOTS of talk about her/their opponent , NOT mentioning Barack Obama by name which to me seems dismissive and disrespectful. (Obama mentioned McCain by name)

5-Treating Obama as a joke which to me shows the Republicans think they are smarter then the rest of us, and politics as usual.

Bear in mind this is MY blog :) and my feelings :) no hard feelings if you do not agree. And feel free to comment, you dont have to have your hubby do it ;) Just be nice.


Rhonda said...

I completely agree with your assessment!!!!!! I was really more irritated than not when I saw the showing :-( That too is only MY OPINION and I definitely VOTE at every election and have served my time on jury duty!!!

Robbin said...

Man, i am so glad you said it! I thought the SAME thing. Where was the diversity. There were literally some shots that felt like we had regressed 75 years. Fight, White, GREASY, looking men.... How the HELL did they get in there? LOL. I would have loved to be there. Just to see what they were really saying. She sounded good. I must say. They all do...... the speech writers are genius. But really, what are you promising? No new taxes? Almost winning the war, lets not forfeit? Man, this is bad!!!

Thanks for posting!


Kerri said...

You said it well. I watched her speech and I don't understand how people can listen to that and think it makes sense. Yuck!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

Michael and Michelle said...

With respect..and I mean that...
What is it that you like about Obama? I know that you are ready for will he be changing America. How does he plan on making these changes happen?
I also know you have a heart for orphans, a big heart for orphans. But what about Obama's view on abortion. When does life begin??? Shouldn't all children have a chance at life?
As far as Palin's to be son-in-law chewing gum....come on, is that really something to complain about.
Again, with respect..this is your blog.
It just seems like you couldn't find all that much wrong with Palin's speech last night. You didn't like that the "audience" wasn't diverse and you didn't like the gum chewing....OR that she didn't mention Obama's name, which is totally normal for speeches (and she did mention it a couple of times).
Those really aren't BIG enough issues to "be against" her.

Just my thoughts:)


Heather said...

Wow, I completely disagree with everything that you said! I will be very is your blog but I would like to stand up for the other side.
First off, if you only saw 2 black people you clearly did not see the whole debate. I mean come on, do you really want me to start listing all of the Americans of Color that are prominent in the republican party? That is just ludicrous, you can become a delegate to the RNC the same way you can for the DNC insinuating otherwise is really low.

Secondly, I always think it's tacky when people chew gum but he's a kid!

Thirdly, did you miss the democratic national convention?? It's the exact same thing, just coming from the other side. Yes, it's politics but please don't act like the democrats haven't been doing the same thing. It's a two way street.

Also, I don't know if you're pro-life or pro-choice. To me this is a huge reason to vote for McCain, Obama has made it VERY clear that he will not appoint Supreme Court justices like Scalia, Alito, Thomas or Roberts. We all know the courts are split right now 4-4 with one swing vote. To me personally, and this is just my opinion. I want a president that is going to appoint justices to interpret the law and now push a liberal agenda on the bench. But that is just my personal opinion and Obama has made it clear that he will appoint a liberal, pro-choice judge.

Leslie said...

I feel very blessed to be free to vote for who ever i want..I actually liked her speech!

charles_and_alex said...

well...I must say I pretty much disagree with everything you said.

1)The audience was fairly diverse. If you watched the speech live, you could have seen that in the cuts to the audience. The reruns that they play tend to be cut the way the editor wants the viewer to see it, not the way it actually was.

2. gum? really?? who cares if he was chewing gum. he is not the person who is running for VP. Now if Palin was chewing gum, that may have been a little distracting. I am agree with Michael and Michelle, if that is what you found wrong its not much of an argument.

4. I'm pretty certain Obama and Biden have to qualms about taking a shot at McCain or Palin. That has been pretty obvious the past couple days. And she did mention his name quite a few times in the speech. There is just no need to mention it every time since we know who she is talking about.

5. Obama is a joke. I would like to see him accomplish something before being elected president. If he can prove himself to me, then I will consider him.

Also, I just directed my hubby to your site because I thought I would enjoy it. he is way more into politics than I am. :o) Not because I was afraid to voice my own opinion. lol. because that is definitely not the case. haha. that and he is the one with the google/blogger id.

gaby said...

"Never speak politics or religion"... smart statement.
I thought this blog was about an upcoming adoption, and a sweet family?? Can we please return it to that? I don't believe one's own opinion, on a personal blog was meant to cause an uproar. Everyone has their own opinions, as Maria expressed on her blog, and as well shown with the preceding comments. That's one reason we are SO BLESSED to live in AMERICA, we are free to think & voice our own opinions. I know all Americans are very concerned, hopeful and maybe even excited about the upcoming election. Talk to 10 different people and you WILL get 10 different opinions and reasons as to why YOU should vote for one candidate or the other. (thankfully, you don't have to listen to them, you are free to form your own opinion, and vote as you feel is best) As we know, we have 2 candidates to choose from. I believe the American people will vote in the candidate they feel is the best to run our country. Let's all keep in mind, the candidates are only human, just like the rest of us, neither are perfect, and it can be argued til the end of time (and usually is) which party is superior, which candidate is superior etc. Also, I believe the person chosen to be President, by us, will do their best to uphold the honor and responsibility! Mind you, I don't DARE to say which one I'm voting for :)

Now, lets return this to cute kids, upcoming adoptions & happy thoughts!

God Bless!

charles_and_alex said...

my policy is don't blog about it if you don't want it talked about. :o)

gaby said...

PS I hope all that visited, even though were upset over Maria's comment, took a moment to say a prayer for sweet baby girl Abbey, and Maria's friend J.


Michael and Michelle said...

Sorry, i have to say one more thing to Gaby. You are right this blog is for a nice family and cute kids....BUT the author of this blog asked for comments about the topic she wrote about. If she didn't asked we wouldn't write. So if Maria choses to write about politics and wants responses, that is what she'll get.


charles_and_alex said...

also gaby, I wasn't upset about what she said. Just disagreed.

gaby said...

:) I'm very thankful we are still free to have our own thoughts and opinions and pray that we never lose that right! Hey, is there a "polictical blog"? I bet that would be interesting.

Maria and Family said...

Wow thanks for all the comments. So many questions ! First I am not getting into a r vs. w way. Second yes I do think every, I mean every child has a right to life. More needs to be done for orphans and the poor in this country. AND the middle class who are on the edge. Yes I do think chewing gum on at the Republican Conv. ON STAGE is tacky. It just is. Someone sent me an email, suggesting maybe the msn video I watched was cut, to void showing people of color. I have no idea, but I stand by what I said, and many people have agreed with me, there were not many folks of color, in the audience that I saw:) Thanks for everyone who has supported me. I didnt mean to irk the republicans just stating how I felt. No hard feelings :) As far as Palin being very sarcastic towards Obama in her speech. She was! Read any news report. I know in the past this is NORMAL for politics, BUT we are supposed to be CHANGING right? Obama spoke respectfully of McCain..(and so did McCain of him, which I will post later) Palin, didnt, and I found it demeaning. As far as Obama being a joke that is wrong. MILLIONS of people are supporting him. Are they ALL WRONG? Seriously? They are wrong and you are right? That is not fair.And kinda kooky. We all have the right to our own choice. We are blessed to live in this country :) I did not say I am against S. Palin, I am sure she is a fine Gov. but I am not feeling that she is the answer to my prayers :) She has NEVER even left the country...and was nowhere on the radar until a few days ago. Odd. Thanks for all the comments and for being respectful :) Maria

Michael and Michelle said...

My Maria,
You did NOT irk the fact I wouldn't call myself a republican. These days the "parties" are pretty much the same thing. I am strickly looking at moral issues now.
You are right, we live in a wonderful country where people have the right to vote for who ever they want to. You need to support the person you feel like supporting. It's kinda a fun discussion, as long as all parties are nice. I don't think anybody on here was angery.....we are just commenting on your post. We can all agree to disagree and that is just fine:)
Just some election fun!


Maria and Family said...

Michelle I agree with ya. The parties are so much alike in so many ways. I think this is fun. Beats waiting for the courts to open ;) By ticking off the Rep. I was referring to the nasty emails I recd :( that is silly. We all have the right to agree to disagree. I like hearing from peeps who dont love Obama too, makes me think it thru a bit more. And you are right, my heart is with children, I just wonder how much will change ya know? Maria

charles_and_alex said...

you didn't irk me either. :o) it is interesting to hear other people's view. mainly because it's interesting to hear what moves one person and how something totally different moves another person. like I have no idea what moved you about obama's speech. I found it rather arrogant. just like you have no idea what moved me about palin's speech, which i found refreshing. weird how what move's one person doesn't resonate with another.

what I am afraid of is no matter who gets into office, there is no way to tell if anything will change. something awful might happen right when the new person gets into office that changes the way that person is going to run the next four years. or that person will get into office with grand ideas and then not be able to do as much as they wanted. and with all that is wrong with our government right now, it will probably take way more than four years to implement any changes.

charles_and_alex said...

also, I don't really think that obama is a joke. I was just being sarcastic. I do think that he lacks the experience to be president. His own VP, Biden, also thinks that and was quoted saying so. That doesn't give me much confidence in them as a team.

I do think that Obama has potential. I just wish he would stay in the senate for four more years and prove to us that he can accomplish some of his goals for the country.

I like what Bill Clinton said. And I can't remember the exact quote so I will paraphrase. He said that you have two candidates. One you agree with 100% and the other 50%. But the one you agree with 100% you are not sure will get things done. And the one you agree with 50% you are positive will get things done. Which one will you vote for?

I will vote for the one that I am positive will get things done. McCain has proved to the country that he is a man of honor and a man that can get things done. Obama has not. There is a difference between thinking and hoping someone will get things done and knowing someone will get things done. I may not agree with McCain 100% but I 100% know he is going to be there for the right reasons. Not to sure about Obama. Like I said, I think he has potential, but for me to vote for someone I need to be able to see on paper what they have accomplished. Obama's list just isn't great.

Debbie said...

I absolutely agree. I felt Palin and McCain are bothing showing a huge lack of respect for Obama. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard Obama compliment McCain on his years of service to our country and government, yet that same courtesy seems to be beyond the ability of McCain, Palin, and the Republicans in general.

I was raised a Republican and will admit that I've voted Republican in every presidential election, but not this year. It's taken me a lot of years to understand politics (not that I completely understand it yet) and I can honestly say that I've changed a lot over the last 1 1/2 years.

To quote Hillary "No how, no way, no McCain-Palin."

Michael and Michelle said...

Boy this has really gotten people talking:)

Sig said...

That's all.

"...Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT..." Proverbs 24:12

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -(Mahatma Gandhi)