Family 2013

Family 2013
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Number update

We now return to our regular programing :)

Our new number for our agencies girl waitlist is ............17. That is pretty good, 5 spots. Now in order to receive a referral before the end of the year we need to move atleast 5 numbers a month. I seriously doubt that is going to happen. All is GOD's time right? :) That is what I tell myself.


gaby said...

WOOHOO!!! And the countdown continues... ;) ly

Rhonda said...

That is soooo exciting. Just can't wait to hear news :-)

Kendra said...

At least there was progress this time.. I am hoping for a 10 by the time October hits.

charles_and_alex said...

so I know nothing about this number thing. but I am assuming based on the other comments that this is exciting news! yeah! how does it work? (you have probably written on this before...maybe you could just direct me there...) :)

also, is there a way you can enable the name/url thing on the "choose an identity" for your comments? no worries if you can'

Maria and Family said...

For you Alex :) I have changed it. I just try to weed out anonymous peeps ya know? Maria

Alex said... are awesome! love your blog btw

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