Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Three P's

Boo and George our Ferret :)

Teddy Bear our American Bobtail (22#'s)

Pets, Potty training and pain ;) (mine) Today I started to seriously potty train Boo. I have been slacking. She was doing so well then we had gone on 2 back to back vacations and I let it slide. She is so small I wasn't in a hurry. My other 2 kiddos were both trained early. Bug by 21 months and my son by 25 months. So today we set the timer and put on teeny tiny panties (so cute!) and went in the potty ALL DAY. She dances after she washes her hands :)

The pain was my migraine. HATE THEM. I took my big kiddos to my moms for a bit.
Did you see the damage from IKE? How horrible. Prayers for everyone touched by the storm. WHY, Would anyone stay behind on the beach? I saw a family who stayed in a hotel (on vacation) and made their daughter sleep in the closet ! Seriously! The girl was so traumatized over it. I would take my kids and be long gone. I would head to PA. Not worth the risk to my family.

This was the lamp I put in Bug's room. I finally decorated it a bit.

Watch out HGTV here I come. ;)

I kid :)


gaby said...

How cute! Aww, George even appears cute & cuddly with Bella Boo :)
Teddy & Bunny sittin in a tree... Hee hee, don't tell Bug! ly

Kristi J said...

Love the lamp...such a cute family too....I just love all the pics of the in-laws and such...congrats on're a little ahead of me...I'm 23, kristi

Alex said...

what a cute lamp you made! very crafty. good luck with the potty training! I am not looking forward to those days.

thought you might find this link interesting:

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