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Family 2013
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Ok, take your seats

Boo & I before her embassy appt 12/06
I cant believe how tiny she was!

I want to thank everyone who emailed me and left a comment. It was fun hearing from everyone. You don't have to agree with me, or me with you. We are lucky like that! I think this Presidential campaign is going to be very exciting! I found this clip from "The Daily Show, w/ Jon Stewart" Its pretty funny - it shows how the media and the politician talk out of both sides of their *** just to confuse us :) It has actual quotes. Kinda sad Kinda funny.

Ok now....what did I think about McCain's speech? I liked it. I like him as a person, a solider and an American. I was moved by his war stories. Just awful. He is quite brave. That is something to be respected.

He stated his plan is to "Restore Honor and Dignity" to the White House. Ok. BUT, his party, his friend, his buddies..are the ones who have taken the "dignity" out of the White House in the first place. Gas is thru the roof, my taxes are insane, my rents are down but my insurance is TRIPLE what it was, milk is $4 a gallon. Every street around me including the new expensive developments have foreclosed houses on every street. Unemployment is way up. I want to believe him, but I just don't . Do I think he would be tough on our enemies? Yes. Do I want us rushing off to another war? No. I wish we were out of this one. I hate knowing people are dying everyday. Remember Palin has NO foreign policy experience. If she were to wide up in charge then what? Who is behind her? Alaska is lovely but it is a world of its own no? Obama has Biden (tons of experience) Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore and many friends in the Senate to pull from. All very experienced. McCain says he "hears us" Ok. BUT he hasn't heard us for the last 8years when he voted with Pres. Bush 90% of the time. The first Pres. Bush said "read my lips, no more taxes" and he raised taxes. Can you believe anyone? Will Obama raise taxes? I don't know.McCain is going to drill more oil wells to solve the energy problems. All I have heard said this is not a solution. I am not an expert so who do you believe? I was impressed that John McCain didn't dismiss the amazing strides Obama has made and his millions of supporters to get to the place of being the first Black Vice Presidential candidate ever. He showed him respect. I do not think the folks before him did. Obama, like him or not has made amazing strides for our country. And he has pulled people together. The speech didn't do enough for me to make me vote for him but I do like him more. Honestly I am looking forward to the debates. That is where I hope to see actual plans laid out and what each guy/woman has under pressure.

Any comments :)


Kristi J said...

I love your honesty and bravery to post your feelings on all this....I personally love hearing everyone's thoughts and opinions whether I completely agree or not...I actually don't follow politics at all which drives my husband crazy...he loves debating all the political junk and I just won't go there with him...Yall would have fun, (: kristi

Debbie said...

McCain deserves our respect for his years of service to our country. It's interesting that now he's jumped on the "change" train. He spent a lot of time talking about bringing change to Washington (or Warshington as McCain puts it). Yet, as you stated, it's a known fact that he has voted with President Bush 90% of the time. There is even news video clips of him bragging about that voting record. Considering where we were 8 years ago compared to where we are today, I'm not sure that is something to brag about. He has certainly helped bring about change in Washington and if this is the kind of change we have to look forward to, I'm just not on board that train.

Thanks for keeping this conversation going. I've considered posting some of my political views on my blog as well but haven't done that yet. Maybe it's time I get busy and do that. We have too much at stake this election year and everyone needs to get involved.

Michael and Michelle said...

I can't wait for the debates!!! They should be really interesting to watch! I have a feeling you might warm up to McCain!!
Did you watch the interview with saddleback church??


Heather said...

I agree that all of these things are important however, as I stated before, the issue for me is who is going to appoint morally conservative judges? Obama has made it VERY clear that he will ONLY appoint judges who are pro-choice and who will legislate from the bench. This issue may not matter to most but when millions of babies die each year from abortion, it's funny how as christians we can push that issue to the side but yet get wrapped up in the war in Iraq. I would encourage everyone to check out this website and then re-evaluate your stance on abortion, maybe it still won't matter to you.

Brian and Autumn said...

Have you gotten new numbers yet?!?

Maria and Family said...

Heather I completely respect your feelings. And I see where you are coming from. BUT I think there are sooooo many issues we have to focus on and that is just one of many very important issues.Judges have to follow the law too. Thanks for commenting :)

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