Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prayers & Pictures

First , I wanted to send out prayers for our Country and everyone touched by 9/11. I remember being on vacation in Orlando, watching the tv monitor at 9am as the second plane crashed into the tower while the reporter was talking about the first plane. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. It was so frightening and just made me sick with fear for our Country. All of Orlando was locked down (they didnt know if the Disney area would be hit) and we couldnt leave the hotel for a while that day. Everyone walked around in stunned silence. My Uncles both have businesses in Manhattan and the city, we were terrified for them. So so scary and sad.

Papi and his Bug~

My sweet MIL w/a stylin hat thanks to Bug

My girls playing :)

My handsome boy Peanut

Our happy family :)

Look at that face ! What a little stinker ;)

My wonderful ( I am so blessed) inlaws are finally home from Tenn. they came over to visit this weekend. The kids were so excited they are back. So nice to see them again :)
Oh~in case you aren't familiar with the adoption process my wait list number refers to our place on the list for a baby girl under the age of 18 months. There is also a boy list and a list for siblings. As you move up the list you are closer to your new child :) The wait time is usually between 6-8 months.

I caught Sarah Palin's speech last night when she arrived in Alaska. I thought it was neat how she seemed so friendly with everyone in the audience. But alot of her speech was the same old, same old. Nothing new. I can see that people in Alaska love her. She seems friendly. I still think she is a bit cocky and too far to the right....did you know she hunts? Gross :( You know I LOVE animals. Not into hunting. No, that isnt the only reason I dont care for the ticket LOL!

I was watching CNN last night and McCain's camp was freaking about Obama's comment about pigs and lipstick (who wrote that?) I don't believe he meant Palin. AND did you see the clip showing McCain uttering the SAME statement? That is the same old politics we are tired off. Tell me why McCain wants to raise my taxes? (Obama will raise taxes if you make OVER $230,000. Which still sucks but that isn't the lower middle class who are drowning. ) Tell me how long it will take to lower gas prices? Tell me when this housing nightmare will end?
Animals and lipstick doesn't help me ;)

Are you watching the CNN special tonite ? I am :)


Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog.. You have the most beautiful children...and I'm not saying that just because they happen to be my precious grandchildren!
Love, Nana :)

MelanyTN said...

Hey Maria - Your family pics are totally cute and I love that your little Boo has on the camo dress. ;)

Your views on politics are appreciated too. Don't feel you have to tone it down just because you have some Republican readers. It's your blog. lol I'm not saying you are doing that... but those were very kind comments regarding Palin's interview. ;)

Michael and Michelle said...

I like your family picture.....we women are always updating the blogs and it seems like our husbands are never seen:) It's nice to see your whole family....I think I should put a family picture up too.
Are you warming up to Palin:)???? you sure said some nice things about her!!!! I can't wait for the debates!
(and I think Obama is pretty cocky)


Alex said...

thanks for the explanation about the numbers. do you go through a specific organization?

I didn't hear about Obama's comments about pigs and lipsticks. lol. I will have to see if I can find it. And I think ALL of the candidates are cocky. You have to be to sit there and talk about yourself all day long. lol.

Alex said...

and what I don't like about Obama's tax plan is the tax increase on small businesses. My husband works an hourly job at a small business that only employs five people. When that the tax goes up for that business the owner may not be able to pay everybody which means...we may be out of a job. So much for the little people. And why should richer people be punished for making more money. I have always thought that was a little silly to think that just because someone makes more money they deserve to be taxed more. They are people that work hard just like everybody else.

love the family picture. makes me think we should take more. :)

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