Family 2013

Family 2013
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting excited

Boo- the potty training QUEEN :)

We are getting excited around here. We are now unofficially~

With the referrals starting up again, I was sharing with my hubby, Autumn & Brian's joy over FINALLY seeing there sweet baby boys little face, and it brought back all the memories of the day we received Boo's referral call and her pictures! My hubby and I were smiling so big just remembering the excitement and happiness we felt that day!! I swear you couldn't wipe my smile off for days! I was just giddy ;) Talking about it made us realize how lucky we are to get to feel that JOY and anticipation again ! What a blessing adoption is. It really is like no other journey God sends us on.

We are also excited because we are going on VACATION!! Monday we are off until Saturday to Anastasia State Park in St Augustine. We have a RV and the spots are super natural (ie lots of bugs and trees) which is neat (eek bugs). We ride bikes all day & go to the beach every night around 4 pm and stay until dark. We have miles of beach to ourselves. It is BEAUTIFUL. Warning~I will share lots of pictures ;)

Potty training is going wonderful still. Honestly she is so thrilled with the process it is fun. I went grocery shopping yesterday and didn't put a diaper on her. I don't believe in pull-ups. (I think that makes an accident easier) So in little teeny panties (her not me;) we shopped and an almost 2 hrs later we came home DRY and she said "Mama eeewwww, Mama eeewww!" While holding herself and she ran to the potty! Then she does the I WIN dance from "Wow Wow Wubbzy" on Noggin. Her favorite show LOL!!

Oh and I found my camera charger!! One less crime on her rap sheet :)


Alex said...

Boo is just too cute! Can't wait to see pics from your vacation. Sounds like so much fun!!

gaby said...

I'm so proud of my lil Boo potty training so quickly! Hey, but your lil nephew is 1 today and already potty trained!! Is that Bug's skort she is wearing?? How cute she is. Talk to you tomorrow. ly

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