Family 2013

Family 2013
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Plate is FULL~ Prayers needed

I copied this from Abby's Mom, Michelle's blog. Please if you could send prayers and positive thoughts their way it would be wonderful. This family is SO overloaded right now. Btw, Sami was diagnosed with MRSA :(
This is the Rigg's blog if you want to leave them a message.

"Abby is still in the hospital with a high fever, and really feeling
pretty bad. She is very achy, has “mystery” pains all over that are no doubt
effects of the chemo. And her beautiful black hair gathers in small piles on the
floor each day. That she still has quite a bit left, is a testament to how much
she started with.Sami had to go to the doctor again this morning with another
infection on her opposite arm. That’s five infection sites for her in about
three weeks. She’ll have to go back to the doctor Monday. She continues to have
to be isolated from Abby, and semi-isolated from the rest of the family. (Sami
is not contagious/infectious accept by open wound to open wound contact…)Because
of Sami’s infection, we have to wash all the sheets every day, wash all laundry
after one use, no matter how slight; use a special cleanser in the shower every
day (that can be quite itchy to the nether regions), disinfectant the whole
house continually, and put some goop up everyone’s nose twice a day. Sami
continues on three times a day antibiotics.Michelle is sick and feverish, but
has to stay with Abby. She can actually get more rest there, than if she was at
home dealing with everything there. So, I’m at home, and she is there. Today,
she has had some sort of allergic reaction causing her to break out in swollen
hives from head to toe. I just spoke to her on the phone, and the swelling hives
are getting noticeably worse. Her mother is coming over to watch Abby while
Michelle goes to the emergency room.- - - - - - - - - - -UPDATE ON
MICHELLE:Michelle went to the emergency room. They think she had an allergic
reaction to an antibiotic course of Bactrim she finished last week.The swelling
was head to toe, down her throat, and in her lungs. She had spider-web-like red
hives all over her entire body. It was pretty scary looking.They have her on
steroids and antihistamines, and an inhaler…. She is back at the hospital with

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Sending her lots of prayers.

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