Family 2013

Family 2013
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Monday, October 27, 2008

A chill

is in the air here this morning! It was about 60 early this morning. I know that isn't MUCH of a chill, but I'll take it ! Time to get some long sleeve shirts out for the kiddos.

I just remembered that I have to contact an International Pediatrician to review the new babies medical report when we receive our referral! How exciting is that?? It seemed SO far away when we received our the time is here!
Does anyone have any yummy breakfast recipes for the crock pot? I thought that would be a good time saver in the mornings, but have no idea what to put in there ;)


Momma said...

it's freezing here to. and the terrible part is there is something wrong with our heat. after a cold night last night we are packing up and staying with the parents tonight. lol.

yeah on the pediatrician! i bet that makes it seems more real.

i tagged you, btw. :)

Kendra said...

I would just throw some cereal and milk in the crock pot, stick it in the fridge and let them have at it in the morning. : )

Alleen said...

It's supposed to go down in the 40s tonight and tomorrow night here. yahooooooooooo.

I do a lot in the crock, but I've not done breakfast.... Kendra's idea sounds pretty good!

Awesome on the referral front.

Maria and Family said...

Oh my funny funny friend.

Anonymous said...

click here for crock pot recipes

Rhonda said...

OHHHHHH so excited for you all. Cold here too, brrrr, have had to turn our heat on already!

Our journey said...

Ohh, crockpoot for breakfast! I love the crockpot.

It is so exciting to see those numbers get lower and lower and lower!

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