Family 2013

Family 2013
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My family, My joy

Family photo

(Boo closed her eyes!) Can anyone photo-shop to fix this?
I didnt plan it so we dont match , but next I will bring all white.

Mama and her babies

Trying to get a smile out of Boo

Papi and his babies :)

I miss the beach :)
We live right off the Gulf but it is NOT the same as the ocean. Not. At. All.

Bug is back to her old self, runnin, dancin and jumpin, and singin ! Notice I am not using my "G" just like Sarah Palin :)
Did you see how hateful some of her rallies have gotten? Regardless of which side you prefer, NO ONE should be screaming "kill him" . And she just smiles..not good. On that note I was very impressed that Sen. MCcain addressed a lady in the crowd today When she said she was scared of Obama he is an Arab. He stated that "Sen Obama was not an Arab and that he was a decent , good man who he just had differences with" He also told the crowd they have NO reason to fear Barack Obama if he becomes President. He was very firm and respectful. Nice change.

We have been bouncing some names we, I mean my hubby, kendra and I :) I think I want something pretty that ends in an "a" kinda Italian or Spanish sounding. Of course we will not make a decision until we see what our new daughters name is. Any idea?

Sweet little Abby is going trick or treating! She has to be very careful but for a child even a little Halloween is cool!

I made my yummy Biscotti recipe today! I haven't made it in a while and everyone gobbled them up! Well now I have to make more ;)


Our journey said...

Glad Bug is back to her old self!

gaby said...

What a beautiful family! BTW, I'm very offended about the hula hoop remark.. ;) ly

Kendra said...

Kendra, Kenna, McKenna, Kenda... all our beautiful names!!
Glad that Bug is feeling better.
Beautiful pics.
I must go return a text message now!

Michelle Riggs said...

I would love to get the recipe.

Great pictures. I LOVE going to the beach.

Miss talking to you.

Kristi J said...

Love the beach pics!! We're headed that way tomorrow...I'm so looking forward to it...Looks like we'll have great weather, Kristi
ps...thanks for you comment today...I'm sure you'll chill out with the "cleaning and no mess" house once you get #4 (: My theory is...if it's working for you then keep doing it...I'm just an awful house keeper and can't keep up, Kristi

Rhonda said...

Oh Maria, love the beautiful family picture. The beach vacations are truly so much fun. We don't get down over to Va Beach as much as we could, always something to do!

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