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Family 2013
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Explain to me

WHY some people can only see their point of view? Why do they feel the need to be argumentative on blogs, and when they cant change your view point by being self righteous & telling you how wrong YOU ARE, they take their ball and go home? (and remove you from their bloglist heehee ;P ) Too funny :)

Remember the debate is TONIGHT !!! :)


Michael and Michelle said...

Even though we don't see "eye to eye" all the time......I just want you to know that I am going to ADD you to my blog roll. Can you believe you have never been on it???? What's up with that???


gaby said...

?? I'm confused... I think I will take my ball AND hula hoop and go home! :) ly

Maria and Family said...

Thanks Michelle :) And Gaby..oh sweetie the hula hoop? I need to see that :) ly

TNKerry said...

Well, on Obama, I completely disagree with you, but I enjoy your blog and I think it is wise to hear how others feel and how and why they believe the way they do. I am such a big girl :)

Debbie said...

I'm going to continue playing ball on this one. When it comes to politics and religion, some people seem to feel free to show the ugly side of themselves. I don't necessarily understand acting like that because we all have so many positive things we can learn from each other.

Momma said...

While I can say that we definitely don't agree on a lot I do enjoy reading your thoughts on everything. I think that it is good to hear other people's opinions on things and really take them into account. That is why a lot of times politics makes me very mad. Most politicians, democrats and republicans, only think of their own party and what they think is best. They don't look to the other side and learn from it. If more people did that then more people would be happy with our country. If we are to stuck on what we think than we will never actually change anything.

I am sorry something happened to make you post this! Hopefully I don't make you too mad! ;)


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