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Family 2013
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP debate~

In my opinion Biden was the winner. They were both polite, Palin didnt make any "old guy" cracks which was good. He wasnt disrespectful.

Palin didnt embarrass herself like she did in her interviews with Katie. I felt she did ok. She did mess up the name of the general, but hey she has a lot of facts to memorize. When she called BIDEN , O'BIDEN my hubby and I cracked up! My hubby broke into an Irish accent and we laughed out tushes off. :) Ok it may have been the 2 glasses of wine but it was funny ;)

She seems a bit like a deer in headlights, but no major mess up. I was shocked she seemed to support a certain issue, which I do, but I dont think she does. She did seem to skirt several issues (homeowners, foreclosures, when she would push "the button" etc) and never really answered but went back to energy. Energy. Ok we get that....what else are you and McCain going to do to help ME? ..and you ;P I think Sarah Palin has her eyes on the TOP JOB, not so much the VP spot. I respect her drive and spirit, but she doesnt make me feel safe..(folksy yes, but not safe ;)

When Joe Biden started to get choked up talking about his sons, I almost lost it. I cant imagine that pain. I wish Palin would have shown respect to his loss but she went back to her "folksy energy talk"

Overall I was very impressed with Joe Biden. I wasnt sure I would like him as much as Obama, but I do feel confidant about him. So glad we got to watch it.
Ok, what do you think? :)


Michael and Michelle said...

the "polls" are saying otherwise.... I have seen 73% and up to 88% Palin won AND 27% down to 12% Biden won. Looks like you are in the minority by saying Biden won???


Rhonda said...

Let's just say I didn't sign the paperwork that McCain was pushing at the State Fair tonight. I have it tivo'd and will watch it later but I am pretty certain how this household will be voting.

Maria and Family said...

Michelle with respect :) check out the polls and the CNN polls...they show Biden winning with 55 percent and 78 percent as of right now (12:33 am) ..nope I dont think I am alone :) Drill baby drill :) LOL.

Maria and Family said...

Ok one more..MSNBC has the poll of Biden 52 % and Palin 38% :) ANYHOO I agree :)

Alex said...

hmmm....I don't think either one of them did a good job. lol. It wasn't near as good and the McCain/Obama debate.

I think it's a little unfair to bring up that Palin skirted around issues if you don't say that Biden did too. Because he did. It's like shedding bad light on Palin, but not acknowledging that Biden did the same thing. A

nd the interviews with Katie think also rubs me the wrong way. Not what you said just the whole thing in general. She spent something like two hours with her and the cut and edited and (from what I read about it) only played 6 mins! how does that show who she truly is?

I understand your point about Palin showing respect to Biden after he talked about his sons. But on the other hand, what was she supposed to do? Spend two minutes not talking about issues?

I have been trying really hard the past few months to not listen to talk radio or read biased media reports so that way when I went into watching the debates I could focus on what they were saying and not what I thought I knew about them already. That being said...neither one of them truly impressed me. I don't know if either one of them really made me feel safe.

Although I did find it funny when Palin was explaining about a few things she and Biden said calling them jokes that apparently no one got. It was fun to see Biden and Palin both laughing at each other in that moment.

Ok...that was a long

Debbie said...

I agree that Biden won the debate and I've been watching the polls pretty much all day and the polls state the same things. They have Biden winning the debate by 15 percentage points.

I was a little concerned about Palin's comment "I've only been at this for 5 weeks." That didn't fill me with confidence.

I was also concerned about the number of times she completely avoided answering the question and kept wondering if she even knew what an Achilles heel is. Instead she went on to discuss what she felt were her positive attributes. Biden didn't really answer that one either, but he certainly addressed the question and made it clear that he understood what an Achilles heel is.

I watched the debate asking myself the entire time, "Who would I want sitting in the oval office should something happen to the president?" Without a doubt I would choose Biden. I'm sure Palin is a nice woman and she certainly has the "good ole boy" attitude down pat, but that's not what we need right now.

I think Obama and Biden make a great team, but I'm not sold on McCain and Palin as a good team.

Another point I want to make in all of this is that I've never voted anything but Republican in a presidential election. The first vote I ever cast was for Regan, so I've been voting for awhile. This year, I just can't vote the Republican ticket.

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