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Family 2013
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama & Babies

First a HUGE shout out to Amy, Andrea, and Aubrey!! Amy and Andrea have received the referrals of their new daughters who are 16 weeks old!! And Andrea's new daughter is 12 weeks old !! I am SO HAPPY for you all :)

Did you watch the debate? I enjoyed it. I really like watching the other candidate when their opponent is speaking. Gotta say I loved Obama. I DID like McCain's plan to buy out the struggling in Florida the homes that are being walked away from is frightening. It hurts all of us. I admit I dont know how that would be done..but it is a huge problem. I like how Obama held his own, I liked how he stuck to HIS plan and less to insults.He did point out some of McCain's short falls. But no name calling from him. McCain calling Obama "that one" was awful. I got the feeling he wanted to scream! I also didn't like how McCain told the one gentleman "you probably don't know who Fannie mac or Freddie mac is" Seriously? Overall I was pleased with what I heard.

Jmo :)


Rhonda said...

thought the points were very interesting for both sides!

Debbie said...

Congratulations on the referrals!!!

Yes, I watched the debate and was really hoping to hear some different points from the candidates. Although that didn't really happen. I also expected the recent mudslinging to continue and while it happened a bit from both sides, I did appreciate the fact that Obama kept his cool and actually let some of it roll off his back. I was also completely turned off by the "that one" comment and what was up with McCain talking about needing hair plugs. Since when is baldness an politically based issue?

I look forward to next week's debate. I think I've turned into a political geek. I never dreamed that would happen :-)

Momma said...

yeah for the referrals!! that is sooo exciting! Once you get a referral where do you go from there?

I kinda watched the debate. I get really sick of the candidates taking jabs at each other so I sat on the couch with a book and watched and read at the same time. If they would just not accuse each other of things they would both have a lot more time to promote the positive side of themselves than the negative side of each other.

I can see where you think McCain saying "that one" was awful. But I took it more of a joking tone not a condescending one. And I do agree with you about McCain making that comment about Fannie may and freddie mac. To be completely honest I didn't know much about it before this whole crisis thing, but it was still a bad remark.

I heard an interesting comment on the radio this morning. It was a guy who used to be a debate counselor. His opinion was that neither one of them said anything earth shattering, but that it seemed Obama was counseled better. Which is so frustrating to me!! Mainly because so many people are going to vote based on the debate and which one was more charismatic or a better debater and they are not going to do any research themselves! ahh! is what really scares me about voting Obama. And I would like to know your thoughts (if you want to respond). First, with his tax plan and the way small businesses file taxes, my husband's job is at risk. If Obama's tax plan goes into effect my husband's employer has to start letting people go because his taxes will be raised. Second, in Obama's tax plan, my parents taxes will be raised considerably. I don't understand the line of thinking that says if you make more money than me you should pay more taxes. My dad works 80+ work weeks, which is way more than the average person. He deserves the money he makes. He doesn't deserve to be penalized for how much money he makes. McCain's tax plan will lower everybody's taxes. It seems like a lot of people have a problem with the rich people's taxes being lowered. Makes no sense to me. My dad is a very charitable person and it is not fair that the government gets to decide where his money goes. The more money the rich get to keep, the more money that goes to charitable donations and to the economy. There are more reason's I am not voting for Obama, but those are the top two.

And I am going to stop now because this is really long. :o)

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