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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My 2 cents

Like it matters ;) I watched the debate with my hubby and my son. Overall I was impressed that Mccain was a bit more fired up. I think it was his best debate. Obama started out a bit slow but stayed cool under pressure and seemed calm.
That said,

It is a good idea to learn your opponent's plans when you are going to attack him in front of millions of viewers, Otherwise you ( John Mccain) wind up looking a bit stunned and a bit pi**ed off , when your opponent (Barack Obama) sets you straight: (talking about health care)
"Obama: I'm happy to talk to you, Joe, too, if you're out there. Here is your fine: Zero.

(who the heck is Joe the plumber? Is he related to Palins Joe six pack??Does he have plumbers crack?)

McCain interrupts: Zero?? (looking VERY confused)
Obama: Zero. You won't pay a fine because as I said in our last debate, and I'll repeat John, I exempt small businesses from the requirement for large businesses that can afford to provide health care to their employees who are not doing it. I exempt small businesses from having to pay ....'

He looked quite surprised and quite a bit ticked. I was a bit uncomfortable watching Mccain strain to smile. And his dislike for Obama was creepy.
I thought they both gave more details of their plans. But lets face it their plans are just that..plans on paper, so much will change. Barack Obama is still my choice. I respect Mccain as a man and an American but I dont think he is the man for President. Not now. And Palin as President? scary :)
Btw, I bought the coolest baby things and I will share tomorrow my goodies and my new favorite shopping site :) I am so excited!


Debbie said...

I agree that last night's debate was the best by far. Much better moderating and that seemed to bring out more detail on both candidates plans. Granted, I was pretty familiar with the plans based on my research and like you will still vote for Obama. I think both men are capable politicians, but I think Obama has the best chance of pulling this country together, improving relations with other countries and moving the economy in a postive direction. I am also much more comfortable with Joe Biden as vice president. The fact that so many Americans had never even heard the name Sarah Palin prior to a few weeks ago is very concerning. I'm thrilled that she has such a high approval rating in Alaska, but that doesn't mean she is ready to run a country of 50 states.

This election year has been amazing and I'm anxiously awaiting November 4th.

Anonymous said...

The Joe he was referring to was a man that Obama met on the street that asked O how he was going to keep up his business when he taxed him out of business.

Momma said...

Man..I am sad to hear it was the best. I was so sick of the debates/politics I didn't even watch it. Maybe I can find a transcript or something (is that what they are

Also, it's funny to me that people keep saying things like Palin being president. She's not running for president! (I know you know that but it still cracks me up). With medicine the way it is now the chances of McCain dying is very slim. Obama probably has the same chances of kicking the bucket. And then Biden would be president. ahh! To be quite honest, I don't really like any of the candidates. I wish there was a spot on the ballot that says, none of the above. And if so many people check that we have to start over. While I do like McCain and Palin a lot, I just really dislike Obama and there isn't anybody else to choose from. Kinda sad.

Sig said...

Did you hear Palin's slip up? Last week at a rally she said "in a Palin-McCain term...." Isn't it McCain-Palin? Hmmm...nice slip up.

Maria and Family said...

HAA! That is tooo funny. I told you guys Sarah WANTS to be Pres!! Funny :) Maria

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